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  1. I am trying to figure out how to run a simple mail merge from an excel spreadsheet into a pdf form using pdfelement 6. Is this really not supported? This is something that has been standard in Word and Excel for years. It is a major time saver. Apparently, there are ways to do this with the paid version of Adobe Acrobat. Can someone tell me more than just we aren't even looking at this as a feature upgrade? If it is not being looked at, I will be forced to look elsewhere for my future .pdf software. Curtis Kleem
  2. CKleem

    Automate pdf filling with mailmerge

    I am very disappointed that this basic feature is not supported. Can you please explain why? Apparently, the paid version of Adobe allows this, with an extra plug in. Is there any work around? Having the ability to automatically fill in certain fields from an excel file is pretty basic stuff; so I am wondering why you don't provide this functionality. Curtis
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