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  1. Hi Heidi, Could you please let me know the status for this request? Thanks, / Joachim
  2. Hi Heidi, I wrote you a personal message with the email used for the licenses 🙂 Thanks, / Joachim
  3. Hi, Thanks for the answer. That's a long time to miss out on a feature 😕 But in that case, we would like to try PDF Converter Pro. You said that you could send me a license code free of charge? Can we have one for all 5 users or just one? Thanks again, / Joachim
  4. Hi, Thanks for the answer. We would prefer not to use a new program. Do you have any info about when we can expect this update to arrive? Thanks, / Joachim
  5. Hi, I have users where this isn't working anymore on build: No matter if we choose "Retain the values without formatting" or "Retain the values with formatting", the results are the same. Before the update it worked perfectly with the option: "Retain the values without formatting" Hope you are able to help 🙂 Thanks

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