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  1. I have my iPad open and my iPhone and my Mac OSX open. I have a saved file on my iPad but it does not show up on any other device LOCAL does not share across platforms. Even after saving - it only saves to LOCAL then I have to re-save by uploading to Dropbox to see the file. I cant share in the dowload folder (it's empty) and cant move the saved PDF to a different folder. Me or the program?
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    Updating error

    I purchased Pro 6 last month - and since I bought it I have never been able to update the program - if there are any updates? I saw the forum comments on similar topic - and downloaded the latest file I saw on the forum / however every time I try to update it say "error retrieving information. " Hopefully, I am on the latest 6.7.12/3422 - but would like to know why this bug is not fixed - to make sure I am getting the latest version.
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