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    Better Drawing Tools!

    pdfelement is a great product with imo the one major downside of lacking good drawing tools. Draw-capable touchscreens are becoming more and more prevalent today, with surface products and the new ipads, and not having good drawing tools is imo a deal breaker. I am a university student and all of my lecture-slides are available as pdf downloads. This tool would make an amazing note-taking app if it had better drawing tools! Then I could use my surface book 2 to its full potential. Currently even if I want to draw in a different colour, I have to draw first, then right click on the drawing, go to properties, then change the colour from the menu that appears on the right. That is too much time used just to change colour! I am suggesting things like pen vs pencil, different eraser sizes, easy drop-down menu that allows you to change line colour or thickness, rulers, having multiple pens so that you can quickly switch between specific colours and thicknesses, and so on. Thank you
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