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    Lack of Ruler

    I totally agree with Jeff H. For those of us that use drawings (in addition to letter- or legal-size documents) the 'Ruler' function is very important. I get documents from consultants and I can't print anything to scale unless I know what the size of the document is. File--Properties gives you pixel info but a simple ruler toggle would be great. I would not have purchased this if I knew ahead of time. Adobe has had for the 'Ruler' function for many years. I prefer PDFelement but regrettably, I have reverted back to my old version of Acrobat.
  2. Will Hosband

    Image overlapping after a zoom

    I am having a problem when I zoom in or out. I get a rectangular piece of the PDF that stays at the previous scale and overlaps a portion of the new image and I cannot get rid of it. I hope that makes sense. If I print the file, it prints fine but the image on the screen is messed up. Is there a patch for this, or an update? Any ideas? I attached a file showing what happens. I have ver. 6.7.12... on Mojave.
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