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  1. I have a simple issue, or one would think, that I need help with in converting a pdf muti page file to excel.
  2. I bought this garbage as a trial for several companies I run. I simpley scan multiple tickets each day into a PDF file and want to extract certain information from those tickets into an excel format. I tell the software what to extract, I bring in a simple pdf file, maybe 17 pages (all exactly the same), and this garbage software only will take the info from the first page and NO MORE. Why in the F would I want to do a 1 page extraction into excel? The company WILL respond to your email, but it wont be any specific help, just some general reply saying they would love to help, just let them know how. "How" being exactly what was in the original help email. It's a sham, stay away and search for other softwares that do what you need. I'll never understand why a company has NO support for guys like us who want to give them our money.
  3. Scott Guillot

    Convert PDF to Excel doenst work as i want it

    Im having the same issue and the support with this software is non existant. They suck! I email them and get some ignorant random email saying they would be glad to assist. that's IT! but then they don't assist. NO # to call or anything. Im going blast them on every single social media site until they answer. If not, hard working paying customers like you and I will be saved from the frustration of buying this unsupported fraud.
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