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    Issues with Creating and Modifying Forms

    There is no form field recognition on the $70 program I bought that can "create forms?" Where was this information when I went to purchase. Creating forms is THE thing I cared out when I went to purchase. That is basic functionality. Buying your software was a mistake.
  2. I just purchased this product to create PDF forms and here are the problems I am encountering thus far (the first two hours with the program), it seems very glitchy, how long has this Mac version been around? Once I input a text field “name”, it won’t change or update, even if I completely erase the name. Likewise with the default text. Once it’s in there, it’s in there. I have to erase the text field entirely and then recreate it, just to change the name/default value. When creating the form, I copied and paste text fields that have the same formatting. Then, when using the form, when I put a value in the first text box, it is copied to the second box that I copied when I was creating the form. I am formatting text field as numbers with “$” markers, but only some of them show up with the “$” and decimal places. The “Form Field Recognition” option does not show up in my “Forms” menu. At all. There is no option to automatically create forms. Screen shot attached.
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