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  1. Theresa Coyle

    Product is slow

    @BillP I'm about to give up. This product does everything I want it to do, but takes way to long to do it. It has some attributes that Adobe didn't have. But I'm hating it right now despite the benefits. It's a daily thorn. I really need a solution. And PDF Elements really needs to step up. I'm calling their service line today. If that doesn't help, I have to find another solution. And I don't want to get a subscription with Adobe if I don't have to.
  2. Theresa Coyle

    Product is slow

    I am having the same issues. PDF elements is running VERY slow, to the point that if we don't get it fixed we are abandoning this software. So I really want this fixed. Here is my PDFelements version and my computer setup. The problem is not periodic, it is constant. It isn't following any patterns except that it is slow with every PDF I open. The larger the PDF, the slower the functions. Printing is near painful. PDF elements freezes up and crashes. This is not happening on just my machine, but rather two very different machines. Please help. Please advise. Thank you. TJ
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