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  1. Steve Hor

    No trackpad zoom feature???

    But PDFPro is the full featured version of your line of software. Do you have any plans in adding this to your flagship product?
  2. Steve Hor

    Focused Zooming

    In Adobe products and many others, you can place your cursor in a spot and Option/Scroll to zoom in and out on a focused spot of the document. How is this done in PDFElement? Screen Recording 2019-04-05 at 5.40.54 AM.mov
  3. Steve Hor

    Zoom with mouse scroll

    Cannot zoom in on a specific area using the Pro Version. How do I zoom in on focused area? I can zoom in with a percentage then have to use scroll bars and cannot find what I'm looking for. Most apps allow Command-Scroll to zoom in while focused on where the cursor is positioned. Not PDFElement. Very hard to use.
  4. Steve Hor

    Zoom on scroll mouse

    Having trouble getting this to work. Control or Command on Mac? Neither work for me either scrolling or dragging. I don't follow what you mean when you say "drop".

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