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  1. I don't see how to search the forums.
  2. SteveU75

    Is there a way to do Bulk OCR.

    Is there a way to tell pdfelement to ocr all of the files in a folder and subfolders
  3. SteveU75

    How do you call PDFelement Pro from Hazel

    Is it possible to call PDFelement from Hazel to OCR a file that is added to a folder. Hazel is an automation tool that acts on a set of triggers to perform actions on files added to a folder. https://www.noodlesoft.com Scroll down to see what it does. Thanks, Steve
  4. SteveU75

    Bulk OCR in a folder Tree

    I have a folder "Properties", Underneath that I have Property 1 and some pdfs and Property 2 also has pdfs. I did a search for Kind:pdf at the properties level and OCRd the files but now the organization is lost, it is just one list of files in the OCRoutput folder. Is there any way to OCR files and put them back in the same directory. Or else create the folder structure in the OCRoutput folder. Otherwise you have to OCR one folder and then put the OCR files from OCRoutput back into that folder and then go back to the next. That would really slow things down. Is there a workaround. What about using Hazel or Alfred? Is there a way to do it like Adobe and OCR the file, add something to the file name to indicated that it has been OCRd, Then you could go back and delete the original files.

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