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    Scrollbar covers the option checkboxes in OCR settings

    Hi Tia, Thanks for your explanation. You're right, scrolling itself isn't a problem, but selecting (clicking on) a checkbox can be a little-bit tricky, when it is partially covered by the scrollbar.
  2. Rudolf Bock

    UI inconsistencies

    In comparison to v6 the new UI feels inconsistent. Some of the features are using horizontal toolbar at the top, some a vertical toolbar next to the left sidebar. And text labels are missing, even I use the “Icon and Text” appearance settings.
  3. Rudolf Bock

    Missing Export to Pages

    I know the isn’t a bug, but I miss the Export to Pages feature since the Export to Word doesn’t respect the page size settings and split the document into default pages (A4s or Letter format). And in v7 the Export Options are missing as well.
  4. Besides the missing settings (v6 offers a lot of handful export options) the final export appears to be empty - no content is shown. But with v6 this feature works just fine. And btw., the selected destination is respected in this case (not like with the Image export feature)
  5. When you choose to Export>Images you’re prompted to select a destination folder. But PDF Elements ignore it. It creates a new folder inside your user directory and stores the images there.
  6. The PDF Optimizer in version 7 seems to not be that “professional” as in the version 6. …which is sad, really. But maybe it’s just a bug? Maybe the “Pro” features are not enabled in this Beta.
  7. This wouldn’t be an issue normally, but with the “Show scroll bars: Always” selected in System Preferences it makes the configuration a bit difficult.
  8. Rudolf Bock

    Right sidebar visibility

    This maybe isn’t a bug but…. From the usability point of view, the Right sidebar is not that “readable” as the left one. The icons have low contrast and they appear disabled under some lift conditions …especially on glossy screens. And the missing text labels (even is you select the “Icon & Text: appearance in the prefs) forcing users to wait for the tooltips. This is a bug.

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