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  1. I am sorry I accidentally pressed [Enter] and the post was submitted. 3) Continue with point 3. Apply [Bold], [Italic], [Underline] and [Strikethrough], [Subscript], [Superscript], the effect are shown below. 4) Can see that all action, except action 3 (underline) and action 4 (strikethrough), are correctly displayed. 5) Zoom out the document, select the what I called "OCR dirt layer", delete the layer. 6) The text effect appear. 7) This is why I feel the [underline] and [strikethrough] are not at the same layer as other effect. it will be good to set it to same "layer". PDFElement version : V7.0.0.4222 OS Version : Win 10 Pro Attached file for verification - das.pdf : Original, screen captured pdf - das_OCR.pdf : after OCR conversion das.pdf das_OCR.pdf
  2. On some pdf document, apply [underline] and [strike-through] function ([Edit] --> [properties]) have no effect. Actually it is working, but it give me a feeling they are not applied on the same layer, instead, look like the picture showed below. and it happened on most of the OCR converted documents or document with watermark. 1) Open a PDF, here I used "das.pdf", click the [Perform OCR] button 2) After conversion, a das_OCR tab is opened, and PDFelement switch to Edit tab. 3) Apply the [Bold], [Italic], [Underline], [Strike through] PDFelement version : Version Operating System : Win10Pro Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification das.pdf is the original pdf

    PDF templates not working

    I can reproduce it, and found a typo [refresh] PDFelement v. Operating system : Win10Pro
  4. Password protected pdf (require password to view + require password to edit) can be bypassed using combine PDF feature, if you have view permission (open password). a) Create a pdf, encrypt with different password. Here Open Password is the password required to open pdf file. It can view, but not edit. whereas Permission password, can view and edit pdf file. b) Close the pdf document, on the main page, click [Combine PDF]. c) Drag the password protected file to the window. PDFelement prompted out window, key in Open password "1234", (view only, not editable). d) document added successfully. e) click [Next], a combine PDF was generated, with password removed. f) for comparison, an password encrypted pdf, if Open password ("1234") was used, it will prompted said it is restricted document. I personally like this feature, I have several password encrypted pdf, with read-only password protected. I can view, but cannot modify the pdf file. Using this method I can remove the password and edit the pdf :). PDFelement version : Version Operating System : Win10Pro Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification das.pdf is the original pdf das-PasswordProtected.pdf encrypted with open password "1234" and permission password "abcd" das.pdf das-PasswordProtected.pdf
  5. Doing OCR on screen captured parts (without saving as a file) results in blank page (conversion failed?). Whereas saving screen captured parts, followed by OCR process, gets desired text conversion. 1. Open a pdf document, go to [Home], use [Capture a specific part of the document] to select a paragraph 2. Go to [File] and create a new document (here is untitled-2.pdf), leave other setting default value. Click [Blank] to create Untitled-2.pdf. 3. Right click empty area and choose [Paste], to paste the captured area. 4. Go to [Convert], and choose [OCR]. 5. Wondershare PDFelement prompted out message box, ask user whether to save changes before performing OCR. Here I choose [NO] to perform OCR without file saving. 6. An OCR Message box prompt out. leave the setting default. click [OK]. 7. After conversion, a new tab "Untitled-2_OCR" was created, with blank page. (OCR was not done properly) 8. Go back to "Untitled-2" tab, save the file as "haha.pdf". 9. Redo the OCR process. go to [Convert] and click [OCR], on the OCR window, leave the setting default value, and click [OK] 10. After conversion, a new tab "haha_OCR" was created, with OCR converted paragraph. (OCR was success) PDFelement version : V7.0.0.4222 Operating system : Win 10 Pro
  6. The shortcut key for [Rotate page to the left] does not function as expected. For comparison, the rotation button is functional. 1) In PDFelement 7, open a pdf file 2) Press hotkey [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [R] to rotate page to right, the page is rotated. 2) Press hotkey [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [L] to rotate page to left, the page is not rotated. this should be bug. For comparison, below is the effect of rotation button. 1) In PDFelement 7, open a pdf file, go to [Page] tab. Move the mouse to the page, the rotation button appears. 2) Click [Rotate Clockwise] button, the page is rotate to the right. 3) Click [Anticlockwise rotation] button, the page is rotate to the left (back to the original orientation). BTW, probably my personal preference. I prefer [Clockwise/anticlockwise Rotation] to [rotate left/right]. PDFElement pro version V7.0.0.4220 Operating Systems : Win 10 Pro
  7. Bitdefender prompt out an error message during installation. However, it does not affect/stop/terminate the installation (I guess?) PDFElement Pro Version : Operating System : Windows 10 Pro Antivirus : Bitdefender Total Security 2019 (Build
  8. This should be a minor, low priority issue. The description on the shortcut was not consistent/has typo, for example 1. typo [Enlarge], and the description was not consistent 2. typo [Rotate], typo [Bookmark] 3. Typo [Document] 4. Wrong (or confusing) shortcut key. The implemented shortcut key of zoom in page is [CTRL] + [=]. If I press [CTRL] + ["+" key, which is the combination of "SHIFT" and "=")], no zoom in action was applied. 5. Typo [Thumbnail] 6. I am not sure where is the "sidebar", is location (1), or (2)? My initial guess was (1), but after pressing the hotkey [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [1], I realise is either thumbnail/bookmark/searchlist PDFElement Version Operating System : Windows 10 Pro p.s. [Create New Topics] opens a new topic with previous topic's content, I think this is the forum bug...
  9. The OCR module need to be download before use. After downloading the module, the module was not able to load to the program, instead, the module was kept retry downloading, again and again. In PDFElement, open any PDF file. Go to [Convert] tab, click [OCR] in the first time, the PDFElement will prompt that [OCR Component Download] window, and request to download OCR module, choose [Click to Download] download process kept retrying Restart PDFElement does not resolve the issue (reproducible). PDFElement Version Operating System : Windows 10 Pro p.s. shall I open a topic for each issue, or shall I combine the issue into one topic?

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