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    Problem with filling in a line in a column

    Ok got it - it wasn't intuitive to me but now it makes sense. Hopefully this will all be covered in a manual. Thx.
  2. Hello Ok I successfully converted documents to both word and powerpoint. What a difference between PDF Element Pro 6 and PDF Element 7. The documents covert so much better in 7. The Powerpoint in 7 looked just like the PDF file and was easy to navigate; the powerpoint in Pro 6 did not convert well - even the colors were totally off. I converted a basic document to word in both and 7 duplicated it perfectly; 6 put a box around it. Then I converted a pdf file that had text within boxes. 6 did not convert well (see attached); 7 was fine except for one case where I needed to move up a line to fit everything in the box (see attached as it converted and my fix.) I am a fan of PDF Element 7! FYI I think that a manual that is very clear and easy to follow will be very helpful. Element 7 is much easier to use and navigate once you know how - it's not all intuitive without some instructions. Sample Word 6.docx Sample 7.docx sample 7 fixed.docx
  3. Andrea Booth

    Problem with filling in a line in a column

    I am now able to to use the text menu to type in yes or no in the appropriate box. I also tried to use the form /add checkbox. It puts a blank box on the document. When I try to put a check mark in the blank box. It took awhile to figure out that it opens in preview view and I was able to put in blank box in that view. If I change to edit, I can edit what is there but not add anything. If it's in preview I cannot put in the check mark. So I had to change from preview (where I put in the blank box) to edit view. Is that how it is supposed to work? Also when I was trying to figure it out, a menu came up on the right that included the ability to put in a circle instead of a check mark. I can't figure out what I did to get that menu. How do you get to that menu? Thank you
  4. I was able to find create pdf file and understand that the option to create from a blank file is not available in the Beta but will be in the final version. However, when I go to tool, the only options are add/edit watermark, add or edit background, add or edit background, add or edit headers/footers, ocr recognition, and batch process. I don't see conversion or combine. I have looked at all the drop down menus. Where are they?
  5. Andrea Booth

    New sidebar menus

    I really like the new menus and sidebars. I find them much clearer than previous versions. How they are grouped and the titles really help with ease of use. I also like that the clutter is minimized yet you can open up each one with more options. I am also finding it easier to change the font and have the font remain that way until you change it, which I found harder to do PDF pro 6.
  6. I am attaching a sample page from a document I complete each year using PDF Element (most currently PDF Pro 6). On Pro 6, I can select text and then size the box to fit the Yes or No column and put in a checkmark or yes or no. On PDF 7, I tried to same thing and was able to get the text box but could not get the box to be correctly sized in the right location and then put a check mark or a yes or no. sample .pdf
  7. I also haven PDF 6 Pro and it has more features than this one. When I open PDF 7, it only allows me to open and edit a PDF file. When I open PDF Pro 6, it also has options to create pdf, combine pdf, convert pdf, batch process and templates. Will there be a Pro version of PDF Element 7? If so , what additional features will it have?
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