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  1. Claudio Cilli

    Again on GUI

    Right-click opens the delete-oinly option (trash bin icon), while to access other functionalities it's necessary to double-click on the item, which could be somehow confusing (e.g.: to modify a link you need to select the option link on the left menu and double-click on the text with the hyperlink. Maybe just right-clicking on an item should open a pinup menu with the available options (including the link modification). Right-clicking on any item does not show the copy-cut-paste options
  2. Claudio Cilli


    OCR seems to complete its analysis, but sometimes fails to recognize some parts of the text, even if it's a normal Word file. In particulars, the OCR goes wrong when the text is colored with a background (e.g.: white of black, text surrounded by a border, etc.). Maybe it's a problem of the Abbey engine...
  3. Claudio Cilli

    User interface

    The new version is full of new functionalities and appears to be a little faster than version 6. However: - icons are too small and light grey on white (right icons), making them hard to read - The button Modify/Preview is small and there's no other information regarding the status (it's easy to make unwanted modifications) - The overall style is quite far from the typical Mac - Critical: the Zoom menu on the top menu bar does not affect the document, but limits to resize the overall window, like the standard red-yellow-green OS X dots

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