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  1. Kristin Dzugan

    How do I access my notifications?

    When I'm on the community forum I keep getting popups telling me I have 6 new notifications, but I can't figure out how to see them. I've looked at everything in the dropdown under my name, and I've tried clicking on the popup itself to no avail.
  2. I am going to keep making this feature request whether or not it is ever acted upon. When I combine pdfs my goal is to end up with a single document, NOT a combined document plus all the old individual documents that I must now delete to keep things tidy (I can always split the combined doc later if needed). I used to use PaperPort, and it had a feature I really miss in PDF Element. I could simply go to a folder within PP, and drag one document onto another to combine them. The name even stayed the same as whatever doc was on the bottom. So quick and easy! With PDF Element I must drag the docs into the app, combine them, select a folder for the combined doc, rename it, delete the original (uncombined) docs. If I could still use PP I would, but it's not up to me...
  3. Kristin Dzugan

    How to rotate a PDF page a few degrees

    I don't have an answer, but I have asked the same question. Why doesn't PDF Element have a "straighten page" function as does PaperPort?
  4. Kristin Dzugan

    combine 2 pdfs every-other-page

    I am giving Wondershare a try. Say I scan a multipage doc as one pdf, and then the back pages as another. Other programs I have used (eg PDF Sam) will allow me to combine the 2 docs and will automatically alternate the pages and do the second stack in reverse order so that the final doc has all the pages in the correct order. I can't figure out a way to do this in Wondershare.
  5. Kristin Dzugan

    combine pdfs more easily

    I used to use another pdf management program and one feature I really miss is the ability to simply "stack" pdfs within a folder (and by doing this right within the desired folder I didn't have to move any docs around). In pdf element I need to drag the docs to a window and combine (easy enough!). But then I need to delete the old docs and rename the new combined doc and browse through a lengthy tree to get it to the desired folder. The other program would allow me to open a folder and simply drag one doc on top of the other to combine them. No old docs to delete, and the name would be whatever was on the "bottom" doc. This was perfect, because I was usually just adding new material to a doc whose name would remain the same (and of course I had the ability to easily rearrange page order afterwards if I needed to). PDF Element is just so cumbersome in this regard.
  6. Kristin Dzugan

    naming a link?

    When I create a link, all I get is an outline of a box. Sure it works when I click on it, but isn't there a way to type into the box what the link is? A blank box isn't helpful. link example.pdf
  7. Kristin Dzugan

    Straighten text?

    I have used other pdf editors that allow me to straighten out a crooked scan, either automatically or manually. Is there any way to do this in Element?
  8. Kristin Dzugan

    Straighten text?

    OK. It's one of the reasons I'm still hesitant to give up PaperPort.
  9. Kristin Dzugan

    Adjust scan contrast

    Is there a way to adjust the contrast or darkness of a scanned document that comes out too light? What about enhancing the contrast of an existing document file?
  10. Kristin Dzugan

    Adjust scan contrast

    OK. It's one of the reasons I'm still hesitant to give up PaperPort.
  11. Kristin Dzugan

    naming a link?

    It seems you are just showing me how to create a link. I know how to do that. What I tried to describe in my post (and I uploaded a screenshot) is that the link I create just appears as an empty box on the page It doesn't even look like a button or tab, just an outline of a box. If I click on the box, it does in fact take me to the linked webpage. But the box is BLANK. How would someone know what the link is supposed to be and where it will take them? When I create a link in Word or Excel, the link actually names the URL.
  12. In using the Typewriter or Text Box functions, when I double click to add my text I first have to delete "New Text". Why should I have to bother with this, or am I doing something wrong?

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