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    Form Recognition - Check Boxes not done

    I can't seem to get the Form Recognition feature to automatically recognize checkboxes I have in the form. The function seems to recognize the tables and underlines as fields but ignores all the checkboxes I have. So I have to input these all manually. Will the Form Recognition every be able to recognize checkboxes?
  2. Douglas Foster

    Alternate way to set Tab Order

    I have forms with almost 200 fields on one page. To change the tab order is extremely time consuming, tedious, and if you make a mistake you have to start over. This is because the only way to change the Tab Order is to view the Tab numbers, start at the first field, and then click on all subsequent fields on the page until the very end where you can save your work. Would like to see the option where you view the Tab numbers and then you could right mouse on a field in the middle of the page and just change that Tab order with all fields after that one changing.

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