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  1. mattbaker.digital

    OCR on unsaved document fails

    I open a document on a network share, insert pages from another document form the same network share and attempt to perform the OCR process without saving and it fails with 'Unexpected error'. Only works if I save it first, but the dialogue implies that it's fine to not save before performing OCR.
  2. The scroll bar handle on the update release notes dialogue does not support click and drag to move. Only the scroll wheel or up and down buttons work.
  3. Please stop messing with file associations after updates. I would like to keep my current PDF viewer as default, not PDF Element.
  4. mattbaker.digital

    Edit OCR text (corrections)

    Tia, please could I have an update on this?  Thanks
  5. mattbaker.digital

    combine 2 pdfs every-other-page

  6. mattbaker.digital

    Edit OCR text (corrections)

    Tia, please could I have an update on this? Thanks
  7. mattbaker.digital

    Edit OCR text (corrections)

    Thanks for your reply. I'm using OCR to create a Searchable Text Image (instead of editable text) and I'm unable to easily view/edit the text that has been overlaid to make corrections / create new overlays manually. Video demo below showing inability to view text box contents after performing OCR: Test.pdf 2019-07-23_19-32-06.mp4
  8. mattbaker.digital

    Edit OCR text (corrections)

    Is it possible to easily view and edit the auto-generated OCR text in software. I would like to make some adjustments or even create my own text objects, but I can't find a way of making it visible.
  9. The 'Save As' dialogue is not resizeable, but should be (like the open dialogue). It should also remember the size when implemented. It makes it difficult to view files with long file names or when you want to view the extra columns such as Size or Date created
  10. mattbaker.digital

    Change page number/order numerically

    Add a numeric field to the "Page" ribbon/view which allows the selected page to moved to the specified page number. Single selection mode 1. Start 2. Select page [F] 3. Enter page 2 into numeric field Result: Multiple selection mode 1. Start 2. Select pages [D],[F] and [G] 3. Enter page 2 into numeric field Result
  11. The fields in File 🠚 Properties 🠚 Description keep disappearing when switching to another section. Also the tab order misses the keywords field.
  12. mattbaker.digital

    Combine not working with files on network share

    Also fails on batch processing. Mapping the share to a drive, as a workaround, does not work either.
  13. UNC paths don't seem to be supported when combining PDFs and requires fixing. These should be treated the same as regular files. e.g. \\foo\share\file.pdf

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