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    Wrapping textboxes around images

    Hello and thanks for any help in advance! I've imported a document that is currently large amounts of text broken up into sections and split into two columns. Every page or two, I'm going to want to be adding in an image and am trying to figure out the best ways to make this look good. When there is an empty space at the end of a section, that is easy to do, but when there isn't an obvious open space I was hoping the place the image between the columns and get the text to wrap around. The issues I'm having is because the images aren't really uniformly shaped so I can't just manually drag the whole text block. I tried switching to line mode to adjust individual lines around the images, but that adjusts the size of the text a great deal and makes it far less readable. Hopefully there is a way to insert the images to achieve this, if not do-able in this program I'd love to be pointed in the right direction! Attached is a screenshot of one of the pages of the document as is and with the image I'm hoping to add in to that page.

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