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  1. The Wondershare PDFElement Pro still does not work properly... Your engineer says “It is the same as Adobe.” This in my experience so far does not seem to be not correct. They currently have different results. Please see the two forms attached as examples of their differences: Example 1 is the PDF ElementPro (Wondershare) output when selecting form recognition tool from menu... The PDF ElementPro resulting Form does not come out in a usable format??? the text fields are not properly spaced to type in information the check boxes on right side do not fill in properly....i.e. Some boxes do not accept “√’s”?? Not all boxes on bottom of form are identified for the form?? Example 2 is the AdobeAcrobatPro output when selecting Form Wizard in menu... The Adobe resulting Form does come out in a fully usable format the text fields are properly spaced to type in information the check boxes fill in properly.... All boxes are identified for the form Example 1 Form copyWonShare.pdf Example 2 Form copy AdPro.pdf
  2. I'm trying to create an interactive form from a non-fillable pdf form.....Not all fields text lines and boxes are selected after selecting the "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu? It did identify some of the check boxes on one part (right side only) of pdf form. None of the blank text lines were identified? I reapplied the "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu a second/third time and the text files were added...but several check boxes in the form are still not identified? There were a few of text fields identified that were not to be text fields to be used? Are you suppose to hit "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu to complete transition to an interactive form? I have attached a blank non interactive pdf form before using PDElement Pro and a copy of form after applying "Form Field Recognition" I am comparing PDElementPro with an older version Adobe Acrobat Pro, because the latter will not be working on future Mac OS's. (All text fields and check boxes were correctly configured when I applied Adobe Acrobat Pro Thank you for any help with this matter.. Blank not fillable form Before.pdf Form after applying PDElementPro one time.pdf Form after applying PDElementPro two times.pdf

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