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    U/X Navigation Issues (PDFelement 7.5+)

    First of all I want to say that the newer design to PDFelement (Mac) is great. It's clean. BUT there are a couple of U/X issues that are nagging enough for me that I have stopped using the product and went back to my Acrobat Pro. If these frustrating U/X issues were fixed, I would come back. I have more than 15 years in UX, so I may be more sensitive to these issues than most, however they are certainly worth pointing out. And again, the rest of the design is terrific. The main issues are the main left-side navigation and the sub-nav on the the right-side which controls thumbnails, etc. The placement and coordination of each can be quite unintuitive and frustrating for most users. I tap to edit TEXT on the far left-side, then I have to go to the far right-side and tap ORGANIZE THUMBNAILS, then I have to go back to the far left-side to close that view. This is poor U/X and so much so I have stopped using the product because it is so annoying to me. U/X can be really challenging. Every time you move the furniture around to fix one issue, another often surfaces, but the current state is not the best state for users intuitively or functionally. I recommend that you consider moving the main navigation to the top (boring? so what, it works) and bring the current right-side sub-nav back to the left. Or simply bring the current right-side sub nav and nest it just to the right on the main navigation currently on the far left-side and move the current Markup sub nav to the top when tapped on. Maybe it's not the precise look you are going for, but it will remain clean and the U/X issues go away and users will be able to easily understand and enjoy your product more easily. I rarely, if ever, write complaints. I have enjoyed your product and want it to succeed, however this navigation structure is not optimized for U/X best practices and it is so frustrating that I have stopped using it. I appreciate your open-mindedness and consideration -- albeit with a little tough love ;).

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