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  1. Faisal

    Submit a Form button not working in Adobe

    Hi Kathy, I have created a sample form with multiple buttons and it seems to work fine on Adobe Acrobat DC. If you could please post a sample PDF file exhibiting this issue, we might be able to examine it. Do not upload files containing personal data. Here is my test file - Test Form - 20190206.pdf
  2. Faisal

    Embed Youtube video

    Thank you for reaching out to us! At this time, PDFelement does not support Flash video within the software. To view this type of Embedded Video in a PDF document, you will need to use a separate PDF reader that supports Flash. I hope this helps and I apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Faisal

    Enregistrement impossible

    Salut Elisabeth, Veuillez nous envoyer un message avec votre adresse e-mail enregistrée pour examiner le problème. Je vous remercie!
  4. Faisal

    Submit a Form button not working in Adobe

    Hi Kathy, I am unable to recreate this issue on Acrobat Pro DC after creating a form using PDFelement. Are you using Outlook as your default email application or have you configured Webmail on Adobe? Below is the screenshot of form actions on my form -
  5. Faisal

    Need help understanding OCR

    Hi Seth, If your PDF document was created from a scanned file, it is essentially a “picture” of text. But it is easy to change into editable text using PDF OCR. Unfortunately, we do not support recognition of handwritten text at this moment. The OCR technology on PDFelement has been designed to only recognize machine typed fonts and convert scanned text, which is an image of any typed or printed text in your document, into digital text that you can search and edit.
  6. Faisal

    Seemingly Very Basic Question

    Hi Brian, There are two different forms systems in the world of PDF: AcroForms are forms that you can create and edit in PDFelement or any PDF editor, and XFA forms - or LiveCycle Designer - forms, which are created in LiveCycle Designer. XFA indicates that the content will be defined later after binding to a template. This also means that the following is possible: Form fields may be moved or resized. Form fields automatically grow or shrink according to the amount of text added or removed. As a form field grows, it can span multiple pages. Repeating subforms may be spawned as needed, and page contents shifted accordingly. Elements on the page are shown or hidden as needed. The document you have shared is an XFA form created using Adobe Lifecycle. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit XFA forms directly in PDFelement or any other PDF software. You can only fill, sign and submit an XFA form using PDFelement. Important Notes – 1. Creating or editing XFA form requires Adobe LiveCycle Forms Designer. 2. XFA Forms are not part of the PDF/A (Archiving) standard. 3. PDFelement supports only reading and filling of existing XFA-based PDF forms.
  7. Faisal

    PDF Element Combine Files

    Hi Trish, Are all the files on your local system or are they on a network drive (Previewed from Google Drive)? Unfortunately, we currently don't have support to select/open PDF documents stored online.
  8. Faisal

    Radio buttons from Word won't work

    Hi Sharon, PDFelement tries to recognize radio buttons and checkboxes. Sometimes this does not work correctly (as you've noticed). If a checkbox/radio button is too small, or not square, PDFelement will recognize it as a text field or image. If the boxes and buttons are shaded or colored, then PDFelement will potentially also have problems. In such a case, creating these form elements manually is your only option. If you have control over the Word file, you may want to experiment with the look of these radio buttons and checkboxes to see if you can make them easier for PDFelement to recognize. However, I would strongly recommend creating these elements using PDFelement. Let me know if you require any additional information.
  9. Faisal

    Watermark problem

    Hi David, I cannot recreate the issue on either Mac or Windows. I have a few questions to help with the troubleshooting: 1) Can you please show me a screenshot of what appears on your screen when you're under the "Advanced Setting" tab? 2) Would it possible for you to share your PDF document? Thanks!
  10. Faisal

    Copy/duplicate page

    Hi Benedikt, Thanks for sharing your issue. Please follow the instructions below and let us know if you require any additional information. Open PDFlelement and expand the Page Thumbnails pane. Select the page(s) you wish to copy (CTRL + C) and paste using (CTRL + V). If you want to copy pages into another PDF document, hold down the Control Key and drag the selected page(s) to be copied to their new location (Page Tab) and drop within the Page Thumbnails pane.
  11. Faisal

    pixelated signature images

    Hi Meshferg, Thank you for getting in touch, and I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue with PDFelement. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The issue has been reported to our technical team and it will be included in a patch as soon as we have been able to fix it. In the meantime, please turn off picture compression on Microsoft office products to improve the rendering quality. Turn off compression in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel Click File > Options. In the Options box, click Advanced. In the list at Image Size and Quality, please select "Discard editing data" and "Do not compress images in the file". Also, set the default target output to 300 ppi. If you have any additional questions please let us know.
  12. Faisal

    License Term

    Hi KLung, PDFelement comes with a perpetual license which is a ‘traditional’ model used to purchase a software. You pay for your software license up-front and have the right to use it indefinitely (Life Time). Plus, we provide product updates free of charge. On top of the license fee, you will also have an option to pay for an upgrade fee for future upgrades. Upgrade is a major program release (new version) featuring principal software improvements and new functionality. If you are getting PDFelement for your business, you can buy an additional software assurance plan which includes - Free upgrade to program releases Dedicated customer support Product deployment support On-demand training Continuous release cycle Let me know if you have any questions! Regards, Faisal
  13. Faisal

    Mac PDFE Pro

    Hi Mike, If you know the password, then you should be able to remove the password security and document permissions. Go to protect tab > password > and click remove security. Hope this helps!
  14. Faisal

    Problem handling more than 520 batch files

    Hi Leandro, Can you please share your operating system configuration? It is my experience that the application "leaks" resources, that means that it may be using more system memory when it's running a batch process with a high volume of documents. Depending on your system performance, you might be able to determine how many files you can process without running out of system memory.
  15. Faisal

    type 3 fonts

    Hi Pek1008, PDFelement doesn't have support for editing Type 3 Fonts. The product supports Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType font formats which are used in the vast majority of PDF files. Could you please share a sample document with us? Thanks!
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