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  1. I have a new computer and am getting the message that I've exceeded my number of authorized installations.

    How can I install this on my new computer?

  2. Andrea Burgess

    Showing as unregistered after upgrade

    I was prompted to upgrade today. after the upgrade, my product shows as unregistered and it's not taking the key that I have. :-(
  3. Andrea Burgess

    Where are Page Properties in PDF Element?

    Thank you - either would work for what I'm needing I believe. Might there be a listing of the features from Acrobat that aren't yet in Element? And is there a listing of corresponding menu options between Acroboat and Element?
  4. Andrea Burgess

    Where are Page Properties in PDF Element?

    I am trying to add a field to automatically populate with the system date. I found this online: http://www.uwec.edu/help/acrobat9/for-date.htm Straight forward enough, except - can't seem to find the Page Properties option in Element. :-(
  5. Andrea Burgess

    Text Field Properties for Multiple Fields at Once

    I imagine that they, like me, already have a form created and need to change the properties on many of the fields.... Is there a way to do this? thank you
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