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  1. I uploaded the new version 6.8.7 and I am having troubles with it. So bad that I need to revert back to older version. I cannot find where this is stored. Please tell me where I can download version 6.8.6 Thanks
  2. mrivner rivner

    Typewriter function

    Thank you Heidi. Both of these features would be nice as it would save me a lot of time. Michael
  3. mrivner rivner

    Typewriter function

    I utilize PDF element to fill out forms. Most of these forms are scanned in and often have many field for me to fill out. In addition they usually need me to sign multiple times. These are my request: 1) Currently I use the typewriter feature in the comment section. This is kind of inconvenient because a) I have to draw a box b) I have to remove text before I type in what I want. It would be much easier if I could just bring my cursor to the location where I want to type and just start typing. If there are many places on the form that I have to fill out, it is very tedious to use the comment->typewriter feature as it is currently configured and makes it very hard to use PDFelement to fill out this form. 2) I often have to sign a form multiple times. I am a physician and they require me to sign in multiple places, at least once on each page of a form. It is very inconvenient to have to keep saving my files multiple times with different names to sign a document several time. It would be easier if I could put my signature on multiple places on the form and then save the finalized copy once.
  4. mrivner rivner

    PDFelement doesn't automatically load with print

    PDFelement is added as a printer. Should I remove it and readd it. Michael
  5. mrivner rivner

    Multiple signatures and problem with edit

    Hi. One of the things that I do very frequently with PDF files is complete them and sign them. PDFelement is having trouble doing this. I have two problems which I will mention in this post. 1) Most of the items that I have to sign have a date field and then I need to sign them. When I fill in the date field using edit->text I can put the date in. But when I sign the form the date in the date field disappears. This is very annoying. I know the signature contains the date signed but medical forms particularly ones that I use to order things are very particular and I need to fill in all the fields. It seems to work okay if before I sign the document, I save it first and then sign it and save it again. Usually, I get these forms as email attachments which I open from outlook. I usually edit them in the application and then sign them. I really don't want to double save these files. After signing them I usually email them back to whomever sent them to me. 2) Many of the forms that I have are multiple pages and I must sign each page of the document. In addition, I have to put in a date on each page. It seems that PDF element once I sign the document will not let me edit it and then sign it in a second place. (Adobe let me do this but I am trying not to buy Adobe). I need to be able to sign the document in multiple places and edit it in multiple places. I usually date the document on page 1 and sign page 1, then date the document on page 2 and sign page 2, then date the document on page 3 and sign page 3. I would like to do this easily without having to create fields. Hopefully you understand my problem. I have the most recent version of PDFelement Pro. Thanks. Michael
  6. I am having a problem with PDFelement Pro. I am using the latest version and I just checked for an upgrade. When I user the Wondershare PDFelement printer to convert files to PDF, PDFelement does not automatically load. In fact if PDFelement is not loaded nothing happens when I select the Wondershare PDFelement printer in the print selection. It will work if I have PDFelement open when I try to print and it will work correctly then. I recently moved PDFelement to a new computer (surfacebook running windows 10) from my old computer (Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10). On my old computer when I printed to Wondershare, PDFelement would automatically open and the file would appear. How do I fix this. Thanks. Michael
  7. mrivner rivner

    convert pdf to interactive form

    Thank Daphne, I will be looking forward to this update which hopefully will be available soon. Any idea when? Also can I remove this protection structure with tools I have available now? Michael
  8. mrivner rivner

    Forms fields work for others without Wondershare?

    As I mentioned in another post this does not work properly for me. Michael
  9. mrivner rivner

    convert pdf to interactive form

    Hi Daphne, I updated to version 6 hoping that you addressed this problem. Unfortunately it is still not working. I need a solution to this problem as I need other people to be able to fill the forms that I create using PDFelement with the Adobe PDF reader. Where are we in getting this problem solved. What can I do as a temporary fix for this problem. You have the form that does not work. Before I had modified the file using PDFelement the form was able to be read with Adobe reader. Right now other than myself--since I have PDFelement and Adobe PDF writer, I can work with these files, I cannot send these files to anyone else to use. This is an urgent issue for me. I have included the most recent version of this file. Would it help if I sent an earlier version of the file that could be read with Adobe reader--this was created using an Adobe product. The reason I am not using it is that your product allows me to move stuff around on the forms more easily. Michael new full form.pdf
  10. mrivner rivner

    Rating scales

    Here is the basic template as it exists in Adobe forms Central
  11. mrivner rivner

    Rating scales

    Hi Daphne, I can send this file again but you already have this file as I sent it to you as part of the interactive thread. I will send it again to make it easier for you. Thanks for your quick responses they are appreciated. Michael H&P form test.pdf
  12. mrivner rivner

    convert pdf to interactive form

    Hi Daphne, See the image below. Regards, Michael
  13. mrivner rivner

    convert pdf to interactive form

    Hi Daphne, I tried it with Adobe acrobat reader DC. The reason I did this was because I had to temporarily use a different PC. I was unable to fill in the fields in the file. It works with PDElement and Adobe Acrobat writer. I will try it again to confirm. Thanks, Michael
  14. mrivner rivner

    convert pdf to interactive form

    Thank you for your response. I have attached an example H&P form test.pdf
  15. mrivner rivner

    Rating scales

    Here is a more complicated example. Michael
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