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    Request for "Previous View" button

    When viewing multi-page PDF documents, especially users manuals with tables of contents I'm very used to [with Acrobat] being able to go back and forth between a table of contents and an information page with a "Previous View" button. I was SOooooo hoping was finally going to be included in V.7 Pro. Since it is not, we are still stuck with having to jot down longhand the page numbers to put into the page # box each time. There are many other times this button comes into play too. Please add it as an interim update to V.7 Thanks.
  2. In Windows 7 after upgrading to PDF Element 6 Pro (6.6.1) I notice in Programs and Features that both the old build (5.12.1) and PDFelement OCR are still listed. May I safely uninstall both or is either needed for anything since OCR is supposed to be built-in in 6 Pro? See screenshot. Programs and Features screenshot.rtf
  3. David Bowling

    How to scan new document?

    Patrick, Thanks for the help. I used the scanner interface from my Brother Printer/Scanner and set it to scan>image>to PDF. At first nothing appeared in the PDF Element window at all. And nothing to OCR but an artifact or two. So I tried scanning to different formats. Also nothing except for >to bitmap. But that would not OCR. So I went back and reset the scanner interface to scan to PDF again. This time, for some mysterious reason the image appeared in PDF Element, I was able to OCR it as you described and then edit it as necessary. The OCR messed up a just one of the printed words in a masthead logo. But when re-scanning it at 400dpi to "True Grey" instead of 300 it got it correct. Pretty good OCR from what I am used to especially since the scanned doc was an invoice form. It had been so long since I'd used the printer interface for anything I forgot it existed since all other apps I use scan directly from the program with a dedicated button or a menu link. One more step involved for PDF Element, but not a big impediment considering the rest of the app works a bit better than my former PDF handler, Nance PDF Converter Pro, which nags me all the time with notifications even with "notifications>turned off", and then only to try to sell me an upgrade. Got sick of it and switched. Thanks again Patrick ! Keep working on that software Jacky to get that "Scan" > to new/ to existing button" in there. Good work so far! David Bowling
  4. David Bowling

    How to scan new document?

    I just purchased PDF Element and can't find a menu item for scanning in a new document from my printer/scanner. I was pretty sure I saw it while looking around with the trial version. Where is it please?

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