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  1. Download it (6.8.4) and it works fine now. No issue on both bugs! Youppi !!!
  2. At least you can reproduce it so, I'm not crazy I will make the update and post my tests here. Thanks.
  3. It's started again to do the same: The file opens but the open dialog stays half on the right down side and makes the window not usable. Also, printing to PDF Element printer not working the first time. Just opens the PDF Element and have to print second time to see the file opened. (if PDF Element is not opened before)
  4. Adrian Plopeanu

    Change Default Program on Upgrade

    I agree MS is trying to keep their market share. Idiots as usual. Nothing new here. But, there is always a workaround if you re searching for https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/edge-hijack-pdf-htm-associations/
  5. Second bug with printing: I can't reproduce it anymore. The only idea I have it is the Windows update done last night or the printer not being PDF Element by default. When this happens the PDF element wasn't my default printer. I have put PDF Element as my default printer and it is opening the Ctrl+P command on Chrome and open the PDF Element. Everything looks fine now. I have no idea how this has been fixed but now it's working fine.
  6. First bug: It looks like it is fixed by itself. It can be my computer being very slow in some cases or just the Windows update done last night. For now, it is not doing it.
  7. This makes PDF Element not usable. Please fix it ASAP!!!
  8. I have the latest version
  9. Since last update opening certain files will freeze the window. The only way to get out is the task manager. This thing brings me nuts when I am in a hurry to open a file. Any other action on the PDF Element window is not working. I can only scroll the pages. See the attached image. The second bug, when I use in Chrome print PDF with PDF Element and PDF Element is not open it is just open the PDF Element but not create the PDF file. Have to print the file again and then it is working. Annoying bug.
  10. Adrian Plopeanu

    Change Default Program on Upgrade

    Not that hard Heidi. Before update check, if PDF Element is set up as default. Set the answer yes/no in a registry value. After the update is finished read this registry entry: if yes, then make PDF file association. If no, do nothing. If automatic things are not working then ask for it in a popup, right after update: Do you want to keep PDF Element as default for PDF files? Not more than that.
  11. Adrian Plopeanu

    Number of authorized installations?

    Thank for your answer. However, I never install it on more than one computer. I have changed my hard drive and reinstall Windows. Maybe this is the problem. Thanks.
  12. Adrian Plopeanu

    Change Default Program on Upgrade

    Sure you can change it back every time but it should keep the settings after the update is finished.
  13. Adrian Plopeanu

    Change Default Program on Upgrade

    Still doing the same!
  14. Since the last update, I got this popup every time I open the software How I get rid of it, please? It is really annoying. Thanks
  15. Adrian Plopeanu

    Where is the signx?

    Is it for sale?
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