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  1. whizkidraj

    Write Review, Get Free License

    Dear @Tia, Me and Bella were having a conversation on email. But now she hasn't been responding. Is she busy, or on holiday something? Please do let her know to respond to my email. And if you want, I can have the same conversation with you on email, my friend (if you can kindly share your email in private message). Thank you. And just to mention, Bella was very kind. In fact, she became a good friend. And since friendship day is here, I'd wish her a Happy Friendship day, too. 🙂
  2. whizkidraj

    Write Review, Get Free License

    Dear @Tia, Thank you. Yes, I have received the email from her, and I have replied to Bella just now. I understand about the 300 words article or review. I'll do it and post the link to it here, as well as send it to Bella...which I have already mentioned to her, too, in my email reply now. 🙂 Cheers!
  3. whizkidraj

    Write Review, Get Free License

    @Tia, please check both of my PMs to you, email sent to you at Bella@wondershare.com, and this comment.
  4. whizkidraj

    Write Review, Get Free License

    Dear @Tia, Thank your for the opportunity. Here's my share:- https://www.facebook.com/Free4AllStuff/posts/2409988135727538
  5. Thanks a lot, Daphne. You rock
  6. Thanks for the reply, @Daphne Cannot find any message i.e inbox option in my profile. Where does the message go. You can email me if you want.
  7. @mavis seems to be not there, so @Daphne, I have sent you a message. Please do check pm. Thanks
  8. Sent you a message here on the forum. Do check that. Thank you, dear No need to reply on the email now Keep working hard, girl
  9. Hey @mavis, I had sent you a email. It's been a long time. Please reply to that Also, I had a question. The license that I got is also for PDFelement Professional v6 + OCR support license too, right.
  10. Hey @mavis, check the mail
  11. @mavis, I have sent you a message on this forum. Do check your inbox
  12. Please reply to email

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