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  1. Peter Cooper

    Not able to OCR newly scanned Document

    I have found a work-around to make pdfelement to OCR a pdf. You find a pdf that pdfelement wants to ocr. You insert the troublesome pdf to this pdf. You then OCR the whole pdf. Then delete original pdf and you have the original uneditable pdf ready for editing.
  2. Peter Cooper

    Book Fold option for pdfelements.

    I like to print some documents on Word in 'Book Fold' option. Word will automatically arrange the pages so the document can be printed 2 pages (Landscape) per A4 page, resulting in a nicely presented booklet, with the pages in auto corrected order through the document. It would be nice to do this with pdf files, from pdfelement.
  3. Peter Cooper

    Not able to OCR newly scanned Document

    I have recently scanned a document to edit in pdfelement's, as I have in the past. See attached sample of document. Normally the program recognizes that the pdf file needs to be OCR'ed to edit. However there is no option to do that with this pdf. When you look at the pdf, all letters/sentences have box's around them as if it had been OCR'ed, however the boxes contain no text. The original text remains as part of the background picture. There is now no-way to edit this pdf, (that I can see), or to force a OCR. I have recently changed to a canon printer and this is the first pdf I have tried to edit from its scan. A separate issue I have when pdfelement ocr's a pdf. Pdfelements also changes some of the background picture to text, making editing a problem. Is there a way to blank out pictures in a pdf so the OCR will not try to OCR where there is no text. To Make Man whole_Part.pdf
  4. Peter Cooper

    Image overlay / positioning

    I just want to add support to have the image layer feature added. It is frustrating to add an image which hides other elements such as text that are already on the page. Thanks in advance.
  5. Peter Cooper

    PDF Button request

    I looked in all the over-head tabs, but no 'Ruler' feature found. (I've just downloaded latest version). Thank you for considering these features, to help with editing.
  6. Peter Cooper

    PDF Button request

    Two buttons requested please on PDF editing page. I am editing scanned documents. The scanning is poor requiring the text to be moved up and down page. Also images to be re-imported to page. When editing a page, there is a 'Properties' column on the right hand side of page, with plenty of room. Please could there be put two quick assess buttons for following features. 1./ A toggle button to show margin lines. Then text can be moved up to same starting position at top of page, and page numbers can be moved down to same position at bottom of page. Make finished product look better. 2./ A button to allow 'Added images' to be moved behind text. In Word this is 'Wrap Image behind text'. This program may have these functions, but quick access buttons on the 'Properties' column would quicken this process. Thank you in advance.
  7. Peter Cooper

    OCR Conversion of Images

    PDF's sent to Email supplied. Thank you.
  8. Peter Cooper

    OCR Conversion of Images

    I have pdfelements ver with latest OCR download. for it. I converted a PDF page with an Anatomy chart on it. It did a reasonable to good job on the text. However it also converted some of the image into text. I can delete these text boxes, but it has destroyed the image under these text boxes. Is there any way of stopping the OCR from looking at the image and only covert the areas with text. E.g. put a circle around image prior to conversion. Also there are 'dots, hand-written ticks and marks' etc on the background image of the converted OCR pdf. I could not get any of the erasers in the program to remove these additions to the original image. Is there any way to work on the image under the OCR text box's, to delete unwanted parts of the image. On a straight text page, all the background can be removed to create a new clean text page. This does not work so well when there are images that need to be kept. I could not find a help function for answers to these 2 problems.
  9. Peter Cooper

    pdfelement 6 Ver 6.0.2 Crash

    Both files, requested above, sent to (wangyi@wondershare.cn). Thank you.
  10. Peter Cooper

    pdfelement 6 Ver 6.0.2 Crash

    I downloaded 'pdfelement 6 ver one' under trial and had multiple crashes. I have since downloaded 'pdfelement 6 Version 6.0.202152'. (Unpaid trial version) I left it a couple of days before trying. Today I did two hours work installing links on a pdf and thought crashes had gone. I then started adding bookmarks. and Installed 2 bookmarks. I Tried first bookmark, and it worked. I tried second bookmark, and program stopped working. For your information

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