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Found 13 results

  1. In spite of all the inconveniences I may have with the software, the truth is that Wondershare PDFelement Pro is my header program for viewing and editing PDF files: it is incredibly complete, multiplatform and has a lot of functions for any case. If I were asked what I could add to it would be, perhaps, the development of the program in other languages, such as Spanish, and a function that allows you to split all the sheets of a PDF document in half, because sometimes I find books that are scanned with two sheets together as a single page of a PDF and is uncomfortable to read. Congratulations on a wonderful application.
  2. Emilio Mora


    I have tried to download the necessary tools to be able to use the OCR at least three times but it has not worked.
  3. Emilio Mora

    Speed issues

    All the functions that the software has to offer are in itself too slow. I've had that problem since previous versions. It would be great if you could improve that aspect to create a more versatile, faster and consequently more accessible and practical program.
  4. Create new Blank Page has measurements unit only in inch even I chose millimeters in Preferences. I press Ctrl+N Shortcut and I get New menu option for create a new Blank page. The size of the Page are in inch instead of millimeters even I chose millimeters in Preferences. Metric option deserve a special topic. In Europe and I think for a lot of European and almost the rest of the world (without US and partially UK) we use metric system not imperial system which is an outdated (obsolete) system. International metric system is Meter with it's sub-multiple cm, mm. I don't use inch, feet, and so on, and I don't need to have to. So these are inconsistencies which can be annoying. If I choose from Size menu - Custom my only option for Width and Weight are in inches - so is not helping me anymore. For printshop - Typofraphy I need millimeters, cm not inches. Perhaps is not so easy to make these changes in metric but is worthing.
  5. About Saving with Shortcut keys I used Combine Files option to merge more pdf files. I can save New pdf files with Ctrl+S but if I want to - Save as - with shortcut Keys Ctrl+Shift+S I can not. The shortcut is not working. Instead I receive a message in a box in the right upper corner - Instant Replay Off. I'll check and other shortcuts keys to see if they are working. For the other beta testers, if you like to help please check and other shortcuts keys to see if they are working because there are a lot to check.
  6. Blank page when Print file to Wondershare PDFElement printer From another program I want to export to pdf file and I get a Blank page when Print file to Wondershare PDFElement printer. If I select File tab or Page taband after select Home or another menu tab I get the proper pdf file. See Attach 1 and 2. I tried to print again from external program with Wondershare PDFElement printer and get this mesage - see attach 3.
  7. I selected PDF Templates from start window. From the new window I cannot access anything. I get the message: Could not connect to Form Resources Please check your network connection and try again. Reflash
  8. Issues if moving selected group of items in pdf file. Auto Center is working? Often I need to edit, delete and move some items in a complex pdf file. When I move a selected group of items with down arrow key, some of them (majority) moved to my designated place, but not all of them, some remain in the original place. Example: I want to move all items on this page a few mm down and on the right to be more page centered (lined up). I selected all items and use down arrow key to move them down. Usually a few small little lines don't move to new place, and I had to check carefully to see the problem. See attach 1, 2 and 3. I checked with different files and 2 or 3 little lines are not moving in the right position. See in attach original pdf file and the same file after I moved selected items. 2. I am doing these operation because I want to have all items on that page to be page centered. If I want to print from File - Print menu, even I select Auto Center option and choose my Brother printer or Wondershare PDFElement printer - the printed paper or new pdf file is the same, not centered. Auto Center is working? AstrolDeluxe Platinum initial position.pdf AstrolDeluxe Platinum moved position .pdf
  9. About page size in PDFElement7 Quite often I need to know the size of the PDF file which I edit - I mean if it is A4 or Letter or the exact dimensions in mm. I can see the size in mm, cm or inch (whatever I choose as metric in Preferences) only If I select Crop option from Edit tab menu. Suggestion: I think that Page menu should display such info or in Thumbnail. Why I need info about PDF page size in PDFElement7? 1. I began to scan some books with my scanner. Sometimes scanned books have 2 pages on the same page. So I need to split, crop, combine, reorder, or merge some PDF files (even and odd pages separately). When I am doing these operation some pages are a little wider than others (when cropping for example) etc and I want to make them all to A4 size, A5 size or A6. 2. When I print to Wondershare PDFElement Printer from another program to get the pdf file for editing and cleaning (whatever) - the pdf file which I get is Letter size. I know that I can set A4 size from Wondershare PDFElement printer Properties. Just that another time I need pages in A5 size or other format dimensions like A6 - best suited for e-readers. So that's why I need to see the Page size. 3. My real Brother 5250 printer is set to A4 size. Wondershare PDFElement printer is set to other dimensions, usually Letter is default the pdf file which automatically is opened in PDFElement7, if I forget to check and print a pdf (like A4) I get stretched circles, images or others items are not correct printed anymore. If I easily can see that pdf file is Letter size in PDFElement7 I can make proper changes before to print on a paper. 4. Another suggestion: a lot of these things can be easily fixed if you can implement rulers in PDFElement7 or in future versions. I am patient and confident that you will 🙂
  10. Opened PDF file is blank instead with text and images See attach 1 If I click on Page menu - I can see a preview of pdf file wich has some text and images. See attach 2. I can see pdf file only if I select File menu - and after that I select another tab menu like File, Edit etc. Even so some text is missing from the pdf file. See attach 3. When I tried to open another pdf files in new tab - a blank pdf file shows instead. I had to repeat - select File menu - and after that I select another tab menu like File, Edit to see the proper PDF file. I'll send this pdf file by email.
  11. PDF files not display entire page with Default Zoom - Fit Page I want to open pdf files and see them with Fit to page option selected - I mean entire page. In Preferences - Display - I choose Fit Page. The opened PDF file is in Fit Width even I chose Fit Page. I can see the full page displayed if I select Fit Height or Automatic.
  12. 21MAY2019 @ 1040-1107 NEW VERSION UPDATED WITH OCR EMBEDDED 1. UNINSTALLED prior version without the OCR embedded 2. DOWNLOADED & REINSTALLED updated version with OCR embedded 3. Install alerted my defender (program might not have been signed by wondershare) showing it is unrecognizable and may be a threat. 4. After done installing, flicker "blue screen" and loss of desktop occurred again. (Please see my previous other post regarding this issue) OCR TESTING: 1. Opened same pdf to test OCR. 2. OCR taken some time due to large file (15.4MB). 3. After several moments, the program became, "Not Responding.." 4. Waited several additional minutes to see if it will fix itself... = 0 null. Program will be terminated and restarted to test same file with OCR. 5. Restarted program, same result as #4 6. Restarted program and performed with different file with selection of "Searchable Text". "OCR failed due to unexpected error" Ended process and restarted with selection of "Editable Text" under OCR. 7. Process too several moments, same result at #6. 8. Performed same test with different file of same category/type and OCR performed as it should. 9. OCR is performing inconsistently with previously made pdf files. Images of errors are posted below this test report. *********************************************************************************
  13. T Uyen

    May 20th 2019

    May 20th 2019 was supposed release for us beta testers. It is 730am at the time of writing this message. Have not received word, link, or any other guidance on what to do next. Any help is much appreciated thanks.

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