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Found 3 results

  1. Michael Dawson

    Calculated Fields in PDFelement 7

    Based on this entry in the PDFelement blog, the ability to perform subtraction and division was added in PDFelement 6.8.0 for Windows.¹ 😕 The omission of these core arithmetic operations is actually Adobe’s fault, as the core calculations of sum, product, average, minimum, and maximum, is the full complement of calculations available in Adobe Acrobat. Not including all four arithmetic operations did and does not make any sense. Worse, Wondershare’s choice to only include subtraction and division in the Windows edition also makes not sense, as there is no magic Windows-only API that facilitates these basic arithmetic operations only in Windows. I am guessing that PDFelement 7 for Windows still includes the ability to perform subtraction and division, but PDFelement 7 Pro for macOS, still lacks this capability. Along with a number of growing pains issues in PDFelement 7, this omission needs to be corrected.² ¹ This is the kind of thing that has always irked me about cross-platform software. Excepting features that invoke or are heavily dependent on a feature of the operating system—e.g., the macOS Character Viewer—there is no reason for most features not to be available for each addition of the software. In fact, where the Windows edition added support for subtraction and division in v6.8, PDFelement 6 Pro for macOS never went beyond v6.7.6. ² PDFelement 7.0 seems like it is a work in progress, but that is not unexpected in a .0 release.
  2. Creating a fillable spreadsheet or invoice? Want to make sure that the person filling in the document doesn’t mess up the calculations? This is a good opportunity to use the calculation tools in PDFelement! You can easily set the text fields to calculate the sum, product, average, maximum, and minimum values. After months of seeing requests on the forum for the option to subtract and divide on forms, subtraction and division for form calculation has now been added to PDFelement Windows in version 6.8.0! Hooray! Understandably, since these are new functions, there has been some confusion surrounding them. So, here is a quick guide on how to utilize the different form calculation tools: The Basics: Sum, Product, Average, Maximum, Minimum These calculation functions that have always been part of PDFelement. The process is relatively simple and similar: Step 1: Create or edit your forms under the “Form” tab. Make sure that the “Form Edit” button has been selected. Step 2: Once you have laid out your text fields and are ready to set the calculations, double click or right-click on the text field where you would like to display the total amount. This will bring up the “Properties” menu. Step 3: Select the “Calculate” tab in the properties menu. Select the second option and pick your method of calculation from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Select all the boxes on the form that contribute to that final text box. Click “OK” and close the Properties menu. Your commands have now been saved. To test: Select the “Close Form Editing” icon and fill in your form. Sum sample: New Form Calculation Operations: Subtraction and Division The steps for using subtr action and division are like those above. Once you go into the Properties menu, and go into the “Calculate” tab, choose the third option – “simplified field notation” – at the bottom and manually input the calculation formula. Tips: Use “-“ for subtraction and “/” for division When making your own simplified field notation, make sure that the names of the text boxes match completely, including spacing and capitalization. Otherwise, the software won’t register the box. Some odd symbols may pop up when you use division (such as the example below), but don’t worry about this. Just continue to type in your numbers and the final total will appear once all the text fields have been filled. This is how you can set up calculations in PDFelement for Windows. Any questions or tutorial requests? Comment below! We also have an online forum where you can get your PDFelement questions answered. See you there!
  3. I just upgraded to PDFelement 7 Pro and was continuing work on an expense form I started in PDFelement 6 Pro. The grand total on the form is the Subtotal - Company Advance, but I cannot perform subtraction in the Grand Total field. Both a YouTube Video and a post from Wondershare indicate that subtraction and division by entering the equation in “Simplified field notation”. The problem is that in the new interface no such field is in the Calculation group. I also have to wonder why subtraction and division are not in the drop menu. Obviously, any PDF editor is not going to have advanced mathematical processes, but I would expect that at the very least all four arithmetic operators would be present.

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