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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have users where this isn't working anymore on build: No matter if we choose "Retain the values without formatting" or "Retain the values with formatting", the results are the same. Before the update it worked perfectly with the option: "Retain the values without formatting" Hope you are able to help 🙂 Thanks
  2. Christouilhe

    Excel 2019 integration

    Hi all, i have problems with PDFElement integration in Excel 2019. I've tried many uninstall / installation of PDFElement but the "PDFElement" does not appears in Excel 2019 options. My Excel 2019 is up to date. Any help please to add this button ? Thanks
  3. Keenan Moran

    Converting Words in a Picture to an Excel Sheet

    Before I buy the wondershare app, does the OCR feature pickup the words and facts of a picture? And can I make my own columns that the same picture over and over will translate too? Picture attached is the same style picture, I will be importing hundreds of these over a course of a couple weeks. Will be converting these numbers into an excel sheet. Is that possible?
  4. OlsonWindows

    PDF Converter to Excel Changed

    I recently upgraded to the latest version of WonderShare's PDF element. Now, when I convert a PDF to excel, it takes each line of text and puts it in its own field in excel. It should all be merged into one cell.
  5. I have bank statements that I've scanned and am trying to export the individual transactions to an excel sheet so I can summarize expenses over multiple statements. I do the OCR recognition on the scanned pdf page and then export to excel but it puts all of the information for each transaction into one cell instead of breaking out the columns of each transaction. I have tried running text to columns in excel but there are so many problems with inserted spaces and non-fixed length cells that it is more work than just manually entering the info. I've also tried enlarging the transactions only on the statements and highlighting only the transactions to copy and paste into xcel but same issue happens. Is there a trick to getting PDFELement to recognize the columns in the statement?
  6. I am trying to figure out how to run a simple mail merge from an excel spreadsheet into a pdf form using pdfelement 6. Is this really not supported? This is something that has been standard in Word and Excel for years. It is a major time saver. Apparently, there are ways to do this with the paid version of Adobe Acrobat. Can someone tell me more than just we aren't even looking at this as a feature upgrade? If it is not being looked at, I will be forced to look elsewhere for my future .pdf software. Curtis Kleem
  7. Randy S

    OCR Testing

    Hi Folks! I'm trying to test out PDF Element's OCR functionality to make sure it will really work for my needs. After two failed attempts, I think I may have it figured out. Unfortunately, however, my trial license has apparently expired, as I've saved two files. When I go to save my file now (before using the "To Excel" button on the Home ribbon), it wants my registration code, which, of course, I don't have since I just have a trial copy. Is there any way I could possibly get another trial license to enable me to save another copy or two, so I can finish my testing?
  8. Unable to convert pdf bank statement to an Excel doc. The convert displays as finished, but when opening, the workbook is blank. I am able to successfully convert to Word, but need it to convert to Excel. This is not a scanned image, so OCR has no role in this issue. This is a 64 bit Win 10 Pro laptop, and I noticed this is a 32 bit app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it still does the same thing. Would really like this fixed, please notify me of next steps that need to be taken. Thanks, Ray
  9. Hi there, I'm wanting to export a pdf which contains a table of information and includes images in some of the table "cells". After various attempts of using different settings, I seem to be able to create the table in a similar format to the original, but none of the images come across, which makes it pointless. Any suggestions please? Using the latest version, MAC. Here's an extract of the original table as an example. All I get if the text and formatting, no images at all. Thanks in advance
  10. Have registered and relaunched PDFElements but it is still only converting one page excel when the PDF is 9 pages.
  11. ppdlm


    Bonjour Je scanne mes fichiers bancaires au format PDF je souhaite les convertir au format excel. Le fichier se transforme avec succès mais pas de texte dans mon fichier Excel ??????ESSAI CE JOUR.pdfESSAI CE JOUR.xlsx
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