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Found 4 results

  1. I have developed an Excel File that has been formatted with similar cells as the pdf and I need to find a way to Export the pdf Data to the relevant cells in the Excel file. I have attached 2 files: A Test pdf file with miscellaneous data in 4 fields (Page 8 only), and a pre-formatted Excel file that has the same questions as page 8 of the pdf. Can pdfelement provide me a solution, on how we can perform a 'field mapping' type process to get the data from the pdf to the Excel? Bear in mind that we need some type of application that allows us to enter the 'source' file name and the 'target' file name, as we get many different pdf files with different data during a year. PDF to Excel Test V1.xls PDF to Excel Test V1.pdf
  2. I have bank statements that I've scanned and am trying to export the individual transactions to an excel sheet so I can summarize expenses over multiple statements. I do the OCR recognition on the scanned pdf page and then export to excel but it puts all of the information for each transaction into one cell instead of breaking out the columns of each transaction. I have tried running text to columns in excel but there are so many problems with inserted spaces and non-fixed length cells that it is more work than just manually entering the info. I've also tried enlarging the transactions only on the statements and highlighting only the transactions to copy and paste into xcel but same issue happens. Is there a trick to getting PDFELement to recognize the columns in the statement?
  3. ghemmelgarn@muratec.com

    Interactive form export/import question

    I want to generate .fdf files so that I can import them into an interactive form. I have created the form, filled it in with sample data, and exported that data to a .fdf file to see what a .fdf file looks like. I can select that file and it will open up PDFelement 6 Professional with the data in the .fdf file. I can edit that file with minor changes to the field values and the changes will show up in the opened form. I have another program on an iSeries server that writes data out to multiple .fdf files that I have to transfer to my PC with ftp. I have made sure that those new files are CCSID 819. After making sure that everything but the field values are the same, those files do not import successfully into the form. Is there someplace where I can see error messages. Would those go to the PC Application error messages? I'm on Windows 10 and there seems to be no place to see Application errors. Thanks in advance. f1099msc_data_3.fdf f1099mscB001.fdf
  4. Leif Norskov

    Export image

    The ability to extract and export an image embedded in a PDF in a lossless operation would be nice. The current Convert option is essentially printing whole pages to an image file which will inevitably lead to some degree of loss compared to the original image. My guess is that it would be a rather simple effort to implement such a functionality. Kind regards /Leif Norskov
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