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Found 54 results

  1. Hello! I see that PDFelement 6 Professional has the option to create an action button to submit a form to an http address as well as an email address. I am looking for a way to digitize form and checklist submission, and my company utilizes Box for our file sharing software. I have tried a plethora of URLs and links and I've poured over youtube videos. All I can seem to find is a way for employees to submit their documents to my email address, not the file sharing folder that the documentation would go to anyways. Many of these employees have access to a computer, and we are slowly working on using tablets to allow them to complete inspections, but most employees do not have a company email address. Submitting the forms to an email address would not work because they would not have access to an email client. Am I missing something in regards to how i'm inputing the URL to submit to a webpage, or is there an online drive that Box recommends? I am so close to finding a wonderful alternative to all of the paper waste we accumulate, and making this function work would streamline our processes in more ways than imaginable.
  2. TYPEWRITER command is REALLY BAD, but it's so useful if it works well. I should be able to click once where I want to type, then enter text…. Period. PDFelement requires me to: - click the location - double-click to enter the typewriter box - delete the “New Text” words already entered by the software - type what I want, but only 24 characters until it does its own line feed - exit the comment - select the typewriter box - stretch the typewriter box to make it longer - re-enter the box with a double click to enter more text. Also, I need to select all text entered, and manually change the colour, as there is no "SET DEFAULT" option.
  3. I have a scanner. it only can scan paper to several pictures, so I need convert these pictures to the whole PDF documents. When I use PDFElement 6 Pro, Step 1: Convert these pictures to each single PDF document. Step 2: add these PDF documents to the whole PDF documents one by one Don't you think these steps are extremly verbose and stupid? What if I have 100 pictures?
  4. Jean Bordeaux

    Match field size

    I really love this product, much easier to use than Acrobat DC at a reasonable price. But there is one feature I am really missing: matching field size by either height or width. I don't see any way to make my fields uniform except by eye-balling it. Is there maybe a way to set height and width that I am missing? Even if I had to change each field separately, it would be better than nothing. But what I am really looking for is to change say the height of several fields to match a certain field or, to an input the height or width.
  5. Is there a way of removing text effects such as strikethrough? Having proposed the removal of some text by showing it as strikethrough we have now agreed to retain the text so I would like to be able to remove the strikethrough but I cannot find a way of doing that.
  6. BSmith324

    Print Notes

    Is there a way to print notes? In Preview for OSX you can click in the print dialogue "show notes" and then the sticky style note print on the left side margin of the page. You can also save a pdf with the markup showing. Is there a way to do this?
  7. I have converted Word files via the Word application itself to PDF and read in to PDF Element 6 and used form field recognition. It creates all the fields nicely. However I noticed that if check boxes used in the form menu are copied and pasted when the form is protected and later read in as an email any check in one form will appear in any of the other forms that were copied. does this mean that each form item must be created and none copied? Also, when I send out the fillable form via email, I can edit on a Mac notebook Pro but on my iPhone 7 boxes can't be checked. What is the best way to create a PDF fillable form for mobile and desktop so that both PC & Mac users can fill out the form and return via their share menu?
  8. When trying to select something to do an operation on, there is no indication in the cursor of a selection function. For e.g. in form menu, text field- when trying to select or e even insert a box the cursor remains as a vertical bar and depending on size of object can be difficult to select what you need. An arrow cursor with a very limited pixel area to select would make editing much easier. Once mouse depressed or pen tapped the vertical bar could come up and then function as text edit or insertion.
  9. Something similar to the align/ distribute buttons. Select a group of boxes then click a drop down menu with an option for match box height and another option for match box width would be perfect!
  10. Sven Westman

    OCR language Swedish

    I see that there is a Swedish OCR language pack for MAC. When will that be available for Windows? I can make do with searchable text, but would rather be able to make scanned documents editable in Swedish too Sven Westman
  11. tarek safi


    hello, are you working on the Autosave feature for the next update? it is an easy feature to add and a must in such application. i strongly recommend it!! it has been almost a week since i bought PDFelement 6 and i already lost an edited version of a pdf file that i was working on. thank you.
  12. Jens Karll


    I have tried the Wondershare Support page and have chosen "I have suggestions to product manager", but the page does not work. You can't submit, so I write here about Scanning: "There is a saying that says: "Once you go Mac you never go back". But every time I have to scan multiple two-sided documents, I have to start my old Windows Laptop and use Adobe Acrobat, where the program itself sorts pages after scanning front and back pages. It would be nice to have this facility in PDFelement Pro".
  13. MAG

    PDFelement 6 Pro Crash

    Hi Support, I having issue once i try to delete or insert page using PDFelement 6 Pro. Please refer the attached error. Im using MacOS HighSierra 10.13.3
  14. Hi, It is really important to have a previewer for MS Outlook. Any add-on complement? When this feature can be released?
  15. Massimiliano

    missing calendar field

    In the creation of the modules the date field is not configured to have a key that opens the calendar from which to choose the date, which is then inserted into the form in the correct format. At the moment it seems the only lack in the modules because for those who do not know the chosen date format it becomes difficult to spot the right one to fill in the field without incurring errors. In the future with greater use I will be able to consider other suggestions. My version is last from Mac AppStore with in-app purchase actived. I hope it will be added as soon as possible. Thanks. Greetings Massimiliano
  16. dAb

    text menu incomplete

    Hello, With the last version the text menu is incomplete. How do i do ? See below. Thanks, Michel
  17. Adam Hao

    Batch File Size Optimization

    It would be wonderful if I can take batch operation on PDF file size optimization. Thanks.
  18. In 6.4 version for MAC it is NOT possible to have complete different HEADER / FOOTER for example - change inbetween even and odd pages - or input for different text in right/left/middle section. This is very poor! In MAC Version it is not possible, in Windows of PDFelement PRO version it is possible. Why? Pls add ti list for upcoming features! THX
  19. Alfonso_Castillo

    Sorting elements

    Hello, I would like to suggest to have the feature that would allows to change the order of the elements while editing the PDF. Things like bring to front, move to back send to back, etc. would be greatly helful. Best.
  20. jclambert

    Email option

    We moved to G-Suite and it seems that users are trying to emails files from directly within PDFelement. Since we would prefer to not have MS Office installed, this seems to be causing some issues. If we set Chrome as our default email client, your software will not auto-open Gmail from within your application and attach the PDF. It means our folks have to work around things by manually performing some steps. Obviously, with Outlook this works fine. Am I missing something to help this work? It is almost like this application cannot use Chrome (as Gmail) for this task
  21. Guest


    Please add inking ability for annotating PDFs and handwriting.
  22. J1STT

    Measurement Tools

    Are there measurement tools for distance, perimeter and area in PDF Element with scale ratio? There is in Adobe Pro and also the Foxit Reader and Foxit Phantom. Really like the PDF Element layout and functionality but can't find these tools anywhere in the tutorials?
  23. Ingo Wittig

    Outlook Add-ins?

    Is there an Outlook add-in available or in the works? We are currently testing PDFelement and love many of the features. We would love nothing more than to ditch Adobe Acrobat for good. However, my users leverage the Acrobat add-ins in Office, particularly the ability to preview pdf's in email and the one click Save as PDF link in the File tab navigation pane. We've worked around the preview issue by installing Adobe Reader, but that is only stop gap.
  24. Jonathan Evans

    Built In Signature function

    Hello, Can you add the function for 2 or more people to sign the PDF Document within the software - easily.
  25. Hi, I would like to be able to open multiple windows and drag and drop single pages from one file into another. Is that possible with pdfelement?
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