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Found 8 results

  1. Julie McGregor

    Issue with embedding fonts

    Hi I have a font installed on my MacBook air. I can see it and use it in PDF Element for editing. When I save it and view it through preview on my Mac it looks perfect. When I send it via email and it is viewed as a PDF on an ipad or android phone, that font is not rendering properly. How is it possible that it looks different in PDF when it should remain static? Please can someone help me understand embedding and what I need to do to ensure it views correctly no matter what platform it is being viewed on? I appreciate any tips. Thank you
  2. Hello I have a font called Goudy Old Style loaded on my MacBook. It works in MacMail, it also works in Word for Mac. But it does not work for me when I try to edit it in PDF Element 6. It shows the orange exclamation mark and says 'font not available' Please can you give me some pointers for getting this to work? Many thanks Julie
  3. jangsik han

    Font bug

    Hi. I tried to add text. However, there is a bug that does not change the font. bug report.mov
  4. Hi! I just downloaded the app. When I created a text area and try to set the font size and color, I found it doesn't work. The font is "Helvetica 12 pt" and I can't change it. When I click on "Helvetica 12 pt" it toggles ipad keyboard. No idea how to fix it. iPad 6th and app with latest versions 5.1.5. Please your help. Thank you!
  5. CharlesM

    Font Style Issues

    Hi, I am trying to edit a PDF document that uses the font style Roboto-thin. I installed the font on my Mac which worked and Roboto is now available in PDFelemnt. However under Roboto the styles are limited to Regular, Bold, Italic and Italic Bold. The other font styles are missing, in particular the 'thin' style that I need?
  6. spjrc

    edit type3 font text

    When I tried to edit the text in the type3 font, my PDFelement 6 pro will not allow it. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you.
  7. I have imported a PDF to edit. The text font is "Chrome Sans MM". When I try to add/modify text, it defaults to "Open Sans" font. Is there a way to add the "Chrome Sans MM" font to the palate for use?
  8. I am getting an error when I try to open a PDF created in pdfelement, using Adobe Reader. The error is "cannot extract the embedded font...." and it names a font that is not in my document. When I accept the error message, many of the fields do not work and the font is a default courier font, not the font that I have chosen (Helvetica)
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