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Found 6 results

  1. Dion Tucker

    Fillable form

    I created a fillable form using PDF Element, however users are unable fill in the form. When they type into the fields there're unable to see the text.
  2. I am brand new her, so please apologize. I am testing PDFelement6 Professional now, I need to create fields in an existing 8 pages PDF questionnaire. I used the funktion Fields recognition, all fields are recognized. I saved it, accepting the PDFelement watermark being implemented. Now I want to fill in the fields - when I open the document with Adobe reader, I can see the fields, I can jump intp the fields - but I cannot enter anything. What am I doing wrong? I was so happy that all the fields have been rcognized... Do I need the paid version?
  3. Guiney

    Adding Photos to PDF Form

    Hi, Is there a way to add a photo to a form when filling in the form. IE take a photo on your phone while filling in a form an have it added to your form there and then instead of having to manually do it at a later date. I'm thinking it could possibly be done using a java script but I'm not savvy enough to know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated Guiney
  4. Hello, I am new to PDFelement (and posting) Running PDF Element 6.7.1 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I am attempting to create a fillable form for distribution. All works well in PDF element, once I test the form on Apple Preview Version 10.0 the formula (sum) function does not calculate. Any help will be a life saver, thank you!
  5. Hi I have a form which has the name and date of birth at the top of each page. How can I get the data entered on the first page to automatically fill the other relevant fields on subsequent pages? Deb
  6. I opened an existing PDF and had it recognize form fields. I added tick boxes and edited fields to dates. When I save it and open it as a user it does not display the tick boxes or the fields as dates. Any help would be appreciated. Deb
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