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Found 1 result

  1. What a wonderful program! I OCRed a letter, and had only 3 minor typos. Summary/Short version: selecting a single graphic near the top of a 1 page PDF selected all the (graphic?) boxes around text further down. What was it doing? trying to select the small graphic I got a vertical dotted line down the middle of the page as if it were a border of a HUGE selection "or something". The top of the letter contains a graphic, say "&", and text "Smith Jones" with the graphic "&" in the middle. The OCR process placed the graphic "&" in the middle of "Jones" so I wanted to select it and move it. I was unable to select and move the "&", so spent time on the internet searching, and through the forums, the only tip I got was the obvious thing I'd tried - selecting the arrow icon at the top left to use it to select the graphic. However, as soon as I moved the cursor into the document, it became a "+", rather than arrow. "OK, I thought, that's a cursor to draw a box around what I want", but no. Eventually by selecting the "Smith Jones" text out of the way -- for I thought it was interfering with selecting the graphic, I "somehow" got the 4-headed move arrow, and moved the graphic. Yay! No, "Boo!" it had - invisibly because it was below the bottom of the screen -- it moved the boxes around some text, partially off screen, and had vertical bars in the wrong place. I painstakingly moved the text back into the boxes, and "gave up", saving the document with a nice header "Smith <graphic &> Jones" but parts of the text boxing missing.

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