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Found 3 results

  1. Andrew Vorster

    Image form field?

    Hi there - I am creating an interactive form that needs to have the user upload an image and I have 3 questions:- 1) When will PDFelement add support for the Image Form Field like Adobe Acrobat already has? 2) On your help pages, one of your screen shots is of a Visa application form where the user uploads a photo - how was this done in PDFelement? 3) As a workaround for now, I have used a button form field and set the action to run the following javascript:- event.target.buttonImportIcon() My problem is that I cannot understand the differences in the "select trigger" options - I only want the javascript to be triggered on mouse click - BUT, no matter what trigger I use (up, down, enter, exit, focus or blur), the javascript fires the second the mouse pointer goes over the button - this is extremely annoying for a user as if you accidentally mouse over the button then the javascript runs again - what trigger should I be using to only let this run on clicking the button? Thank you in advance for your help Andrew
  2. Georgios Papadakis

    Text Field Properties and java script

    Hi there, I wonder if I could add a javascript for text field properties more specifically my need is to add an automatic field that adds today's date on my document please advice
  3. Joseph Lovegren

    Buttons on Form

    Hi, I am looking for instructions on how to have some non-printing buttons on a form. "Save" which is "Save" or "Save as" "Add pages" which should be used to add some pages to the form "Print" which prints. I cannot find any videos or web pages showing what to do. I need it to be compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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