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Found 22 results

  1. Most of my job require me to do a pdf editing, especially to combine PDF flles (from around 85 up to 100+ pdf files to become 1 combined pdf) in Mac. And this combined pdf need to have a bookmarks, that derived from previous each single pdf file. When I combine the pdf files using PDFelement, the bookmark is gone. Is there any method to combine pdf which retain the bookmark? Second question: Alternatively I can do this using free app called PDFCombo, but when I open the combined file using pdfelement, and try to rearrange the bookmark-make some sub bookmark- (and sometime app crashed when try to make a lot of sub-bookmark ) then save it. When I open it in Preview (Mac default app), the bookmark is messed up. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks
  2. I have no problems editing (like underlining or highlighting) pdfs files with the PDFelement app for Ipad. When I open such files with PDFelement for Macbook, the app asks me for a password, although I've never set any. Any idea about solving this problem?
  3. mejlvang

    Cross platform/device sync

    Hi! Problem case: I use your app on IOS to read an annotate my pdf files. I was pleased to see that I could arrange the pdf in folders and saw that I could connect a cloud solution. Why can't I sync my entire PDF Element as a google drive folder? This way I would be able to contuine my work on my windows laptop or read and annotate on my android phone.? Feature request: Make it possible to sync files across devices and platforms (maybe through google drive and other cloud solutions?) Sorry for putting this in the mac section. But you didn't have an IOS or across platform thread. Cross my fingers for getting an automatic sync function across my devices
  4. Hi I'm new to this so here goes. I've been using pdf Element on my Windows machine for a couple of years and have recently switched to a Mac (OS High Sierra). I also bought MS Office for Mac. I just bought and downloaded PDF Element 6 Pro for Mac (which is a shame as I needed a separate application), and when I navigate to a directory to open a Microsoft Word document, all the documents are greyed-out, and I can only open pdf files. Can anyone help?
  5. Zulfan Qasim

    page cropped after OCR

    Hi All, My name is Zulfan and i have used this tool since 2017. However, i now have some issue with OCR feature in this software, especially for table in landscape scanned PDF format (scanned by other apps in windows). Suddenly the page margin changed after OCR process, so the left margin was increase and the right margin was decreased, cause the table were not fully shown after OCR as they slide to the right, so some part of the rightmost column of the table were "cut" / out of page. Anyone else has this problem and understand how to fix this issue? MacBook Retina Early 2015 macOs High Sierra (version 10.13.6) Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro -Version
  6. Kevin Gillespie

    it won't let me log in.

    I bought a pro license, but it won't let me restore the purchase. It is using a different iCloud address than what I purchased the app in, and I don't know how to change that? How do I use this application?
  7. Hiya - new here, and a new user to PDFelement Pro 6 for Mac. I have a task where I have several hundred, multi-paged (of varying lengths) PDFs, where I need to insert a Watermark just on the first page only. On the Watermark > Position tab I see an option there for Page Range; if I change it from "All Pages(0)" and then nominated From = 1 and To = 1, I had thought this would add the watermark to page one only, but it adds to all pages. Are there different steps I should be taking, or a workaround to achieve what I'm after, or is this not possible with PDFelement Pro? Many thanks in advance.
  8. geraldclerc

    Create dynamic Stamps

    Hi Can somebody tell me how to create new dynamic (with today's date) stamps on Mac? Thanks for helping a newbie
  9. KAKershaw


    I recently bought this product but the top area (in dark blue area) is in what looks to be the Spanish language. The rest of it is in English.... Can someone help me with this? I have included a screen shot Thanks!
  10. oldtreeguy

    Always crashes after starting OCR

    I am running PDF Element 5.7. Have not found any info on how to upgrade. Whenever I try to create a pdf the program crashes, possibly because it is outdated. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Hello, I am new to PDFelement (and posting) Running PDF Element 6.7.1 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I am attempting to create a fillable form for distribution. All works well in PDF element, once I test the form on Apple Preview Version 10.0 the formula (sum) function does not calculate. Any help will be a life saver, thank you!
  12. Do you have a lot of PDFs that you need to perform the same action on repeatedly? Chances are, you’d benefit from using our batch processing function! Batch processes let you select multiple files and perform the same action on all of them in one go. This saves a lot of time and clicking. However, while reviewing our forum, I’ve noticed a bit of confusion when it comes to using our batch process feature. The answer is Yes. Yes, you can. I’m aware that within every batch process, there are many nitty gritty little things that aren’t exactly intuitive. So, with this blog post, I’ll thoroughly explain each type of process. If you’re still unsure after reading this post, or if you think of other questions, always feel free to comment below! To use the batch process feature, you’ll need to take the following steps: Steps 1. Select the files you want to convert. They must be in PDF format already. Otherwise you won’t be able to select or open them in the program. 2. Select your preferences from the right-hand side 3. Pick a convenient location on your computer to save all the files 4. Begin batch processing However, the options available for each action are varied! Convert This is a good tool to use when you have a lot of PDFs that you want to convert into the same format separately. Within this tool, you can choose: Filetype: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, ePub, Text, Pages, HTML, RTF Languages OCR Range: you can pick the range of pages you would like to perform OCR on Data Extraction A doctor’s office or law firm (or any business with clients for that matter) that collects forms, contracts, or invoices would find data extraction extremely useful for gathering all the information you need into one convenient location. I will release a separate post on data extraction in the near future, but it’s important to note that the end document after performing data extraction will be an excel sheet where each row contains information from a different form. Within this tool, you can choose to: Extract data from PDF form fields If your PDF form has form fields, the software will be able to easily grab the data from each field Extract data from scanned PDF If your form was scanned and does not have electronic form fields, you can manually mark up the areas to be extracted. Of course, for this to work, you need to make sure that all the forms have the same layout. OCR If you have multiple documents that you need to perform OCR on, I would just load it all up and then go take a coffee break. The OCR process can take a few minutes! Within this tool, you can choose: Language How much you want to compress the file: 72 dpi, 150 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi OCR Setting: Editable – The text on the PDF will be replaced with real text that can be edited Searchable – The words on the PDF will be searchable but you won’t be able to edit them. Bates Numbering This is a great tool for anyone working in the legal industry, since you have a lot of documents that need to be labelled with Bates Numbering. With this feature, you can choose: Source A Bates numbering setting that you have saved previously Which alignment you would like the header to be in (Left, Right, Center) Option to add the Date or Bates numbering Text: select font, size, color Appearance Date format Option to shrink the document to avoid overwriting its text and graphics Option to keep the position and size of header/footer text constant when printing on different page sizes. Position Finetune the margins Watermark With this process, you have the option of removing or adding watermarks in bulk to the documents that you would like to protect. Removing is straightforward – you just select the files with watermarks that you want to remove and select the location where you want the files to be saved to. Adding a watermark has additional choices: Source Option to select a pre-saved watermark Option to create text to use as watermark or upload image or PDF from your computer. Appearance Option to rotate the watermark Adjust opacity Size in relation to page Location Option to keep the position and size of header/footer text constant when printing on different page sizes Position The page is split into 9 grids and you can select which section the watermark will appear on Finetune the position of the watermark on the page Select the pages that you would like the watermark to appear on: range, even, or odd pages Encryption You can use this feature to protect your files and give full access to a select audience. This is good when you are emailing important forms or contracts. This way, only the sender and the receiver have access to sensitive or confidential information. Encryption selection: Document Open Dictate whether readers need a password to open your documents. If yes, set your desired password. Permissions If you choose to restrict aspects of editing and printing of the document, you can set a password so that only certain people with access to the password can print or edit the document. You can restrict the ability to: Print in high resolution Insert, delete, and rotate pages Fill forms Sign forms Review forms Page extraction Encryption Level Options You can select your encryption level: 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES Tips: The Windows version of the batch processing feature is more or less the same. There are some additional features here and there; feel free to click around and explore! While you can upload an unlimited number of files to the screen, a user pointed out that there seems to be a 500-file limit to what can be processed. So, we did a few tests and found this to be the case. Just something to be aware of! Still confused? Have more questions? We always want to hear from you – feel free to comment below or head on over to our Forums to post a thread or find out more!
  13. mwarch

    High Sierra supported

    Is the current version of pdfelement pro supported in High Sierra (10.13 Mac OS)? Thank you.
  14. Dremo


    Hello, is it possible to sign a document in one place and it appears in several places, if so can you tell how to set it up?
  15. Basil Babaa

    Zoom Functionality

    In using PDFelement on a Mac version I use it to reference large page format CAD drawing files. The current Zoom funtionality is cumbersome and inefficient... It makes my work pace slow... I would like to offer some suggestions for added/improved functionality with regards to adding other ways to Zoom in and out of large page format PDF's. Trackpad Zoom in and out with 2 fingers (pinch and expand) for use on Mac Magic Mouse click & drag on an area and zoom in with a hotkey... I.E. Shift-Z to activate the zoom cross-hairs then click & drag to highlight an area in a pdf drawing file and it automatically zoom to that highlighted area... Then another configurable hotkey to return to the previous zoom.
  16. PDFelement

    The More You Know: Insert Images

     How can I insert images into my PDF file? What do the “extract”, “replace”, “align”, and “distribute” functions do? PDFelement has many minor features that are meant to support the larger editing and form tools, but are often left unknown and unused. Stay tuned for more of our “The More You Know” series to explore these useful sidekicks! Have you ever converted a report into a PDF then realize that you forgot to put in a chart on page 8 and an image on page 16? Or maybe your colleague realized that they sent you the wrong image to use and you need to do a minor (but frustrating edit). Instead of reformatting the whole Word document, and then exporting it as PDF all over again, simply open up your new PDF document in PDFelement and insert your images! Today I will be showing you the nitty-gritty details to our insert image tool. There are a few differences on both our Mac and Windowssoftwares, so I will be showing the process on both. Mac   As you can see, I had left a blank space in my document for an image. To begin, simply select the “Edit” tab, and then “Add image”. A window will appear, and you will be able to pick the image you would like to add. Of course, if you are in a situation where you realized that you need an image but didn’t leave quite enough room for one, you can move the blocks of text around in an attractive and clean manner to make space for your picture. You are also able to crop and resize the image you import, so don’t sweat it if the space you have is not a perfect fit at first glance. After the image has been added, there are multiple options on theright hand side to help ensure that your image fits well into the rest of your document.  You can do basic placement and editing to the image, including flipping, cropping, resizing, and transforming. You are even able to rotate the image precisely by spinning the dial directly beneath the transformation icons. If you’ve selected the wrong image by accident, you can select the image, then click the “replace” icon to choose the image you initially wanted. Extraction You can also select an image, and “extract” it to your computer. This is especially useful if you want to save an image from a file that is not yours. This way, you won’t have toscreen shot and crop to keep the images you want from PDF files. You’ll notice that you’re usually unable to directly right click and save the images on PDFs, but in PDF solution software such as PDFelement, the software recognizes the images and will break the document into different editable chunks.  You can also extract all the images that the software can read with the “extract all” function. The preview shows what the software identifies as the image. In this particular instance, that whole page without the text is considered one image otc viagra. You can play around with the OCR. I found that in this page’s particular case, the images were accurately separated before OCR and made for perfect extraction  After you select “extract all”, the images will be saved into a folder. Once you click in, you will find that the images have been separated into the pages they were extracted from. Windows  The process is more or less the same on Windows, it’s just that the layout looks different. Here, the “replace” icon is the one on the far right (looks like a picture). To rotate an object precisely, you can grab the green dot (shown on the highest placed image) and rotate as you desire. There is no option to “extract” images on the Windows software. Instead, there are two other options: align and distribute. Align This is useful when there are multiple images or blocks of text you want to line up. The first image shows the multiple objects I am trying to align. After you select everything (control), you can align in multiple different directions. The second image is “align left”, and as you can see, it’ll align everything to the edge that was on the most left. Similarly, to “align top”, everything will line up with the edge that was the highest. You can also utilize the “center” options to align individual or multiple objects to the center of the page horizontally, vertically, or both. Distribute  Distribution only works with 3 or more objects. You will notice that the icon will only become usable when over 3 objects have been selected. This option is useful if you want to make sure that the items are equally spaced out horizontally or vertically; the object in the middle will move right/left or up/down to make sure that it is in the center of the other two objects. Check out our video on inserting images on Windows! There you have it! You are now a pro at inserting images into your document to make things look nice, as well as extracting images for future use. Share or like this blog post if you found it useful! Drop us a note below if there are specific tools you would like tutorials of.
  17. Dremo

    Text box link

    Help, I'm new to PDF editing, I'm in the need of some guidance, I want to create a linked text box, when I type in a name it shows up in every text box.
  18. BrendaW

    Uneditable fields

    Something has gone wrong with my PDFElement. I added text fields to a pdf. They normally show as a transparent, light purple colour that you can type into when you open them in Preview. In the files I created recently, they're showing as solid black boxes that can't be typed into. I've tried opening them in Adobe Reader. Sightly different problem but still don't work like they used to. I've deleted the app, restarted my mac, reinstalled the app, deleted the recent file list - several times. Still not working. I bought PDF Element from the Mac App store, version is I’ve checked the App Store and there are no updates available at this stage. Have tried contacting support but have been waiting for days for a reply. Can anyone help please? Problem sample.pdf
  19. MikeV99

    Mac PDFE Pro

    I just installed pdfElements Pro. After I open a password protected pdf, how do I remove the password and password permissions?
  20. WIND

    how to transfer license

    Hello,I have a question about the pdfelement license, if I bought a new mac, how can I transfer my license in the old mac to my new mac? Oh,and my license can only be used by one user.
  21. FranM

    Transfer license

    Hello I bought PDFElement 5 a while back. My Mac broke and the whole system was wiped. I want to know how to reload the software and license onto my Mac without having to make another purchase. And to how to access the license key on my account.
  22. jason laya

    Auto Scroll

    Does pdf element have an auto scroll features?
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