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Found 3 results


    Registering PDFelement

    I have upgraded my perpetual PDFelement 6 Pro to PDFelement 7 Pro but in a process, I entered my alternative e-mail address as licensed e-mail, which differs from my Wondershare ID account. Now, after I open the PDFelement 7 Pro, and am trying to log in with my alternative license e-mail, it asks for the password, which I do not remember creating during the license purchase. When trying to "recover" or change the password, the Wondershare site says the email was sent successfully, but I have never received one neither in the inbox nor in Spam. What is wrong with this? On the Wondershare Help page, I can see my registration code using the alternative license e-mail, no problem but I did not find how to enter it manually into the PDFelement 7 Pro, so that it would finally recognize itself as the registered product. Any help on those issues would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Michael Dawson

    Unable to Set Tab Order in PDFelement 7 Pro

    So following these instructions did not work for setting the tab order in PDFelement 7 Pro. It seems as if Wondershare released the hounds without telling the handlers how to completely control the dogs. A few things that I have been playing with no longer work as they did in version 6, so the online Quick Guide and blogs are useless. PDFelement is a wonderful PDF editing tool, but it is seriously lacking when it comes to documentation. The Help menu in the macOS version is only useful if you are trying to find a menu command. Otherwise, your only real option is the Support Center link that opens to the Community home page. Worse, if you type something into the Help text field that is not associated with a PDFelement menu item, the results switch to macOS help items. In the latter case, Wondershare is not at fault, as a number of macOS applications do the same implying that this is a default feature in the Help menu API; it is anyone’s guess as to why would anyone want to see system help from the Help menu in software. Users should not have to make inquiries regarding the feature set and then wait for someone to respond to find out how to perform a task. The online documentation is a Quick Guide as opposed to a comprehensive user guide, so it provides little information. For instance, the PDF Forms section has nothing about how to set the tab order of fields.
  3. So in just under 24 hours I have come across several issues with the macOS edition of PDFelement 7 Pro. Two days ago I was toying around with creating a PDF form in PDFelement 6 Pro with few apparent issues. The form is an expense report template and has 203 fields the bulk of which (180) make up the table of expenses. Currency and Other Local PDFelement 7 Pro has changed the way in which field properties are presented. For the most part, the new layout is better, as the properties are now divided into fewer logical groupings. In PDFelement 6 Pro, when the format of the field was set to Number and a currency symbol was chosen, it defaulted to prefixing the value with the currency symbol and no space, as would be proper in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and several other nations; there was no apparent way to modify the placement of a currency symbol, so I would guess that placement was based on the currency symbol that was chosen. In PDFelement 7 Pro, there is now a Symbol Location drop menu that defaults to adding the currency symbol as a suffix of the value without a space. The form I was creating has over 140 currency fields that I has to manually change to present US currency properly. Setting up a PDF form with several fields is already tedious enough without the software localizing the behavior of certain functions. In the PDFelement preferences, the user should have the ability to set the default for things like currency to their locale. Tabbing Order One of the most crucial features for a PDF form is setting up how the person filling out the form navigates through the fields. On this Wondershare support page, “How can I set tab order,” screenshots of the process are unmistakably from macOS. Similarly, on this Wondershare blog page, “The More You Know: Setting Tab Order,” has separate instructions on how to set tab order in the macOS edition of PDFelement and the Windows edition of PDFelement. Following the instructions from these two sources does not work in PDFelement 7 Pro. Basic Arithmetic Computed values is another valuable feature in a PDF form and PDFelement 7 Pro appears to inherit the same omission that was present in version 6, as there is no direct method for performing subtraction or division. A Wondershare blog page, “The More You Know – Equations for Form Calculation,” has a section specifically providing instruction on how to perform subtraction and division, as both of these basic arithmetic operators are absent from the operator drop menu. A YouTube video regarding calculations effectively mirrors the Wondershare blog entry. I makes sense that complex formulas and operations would not be a high-level feature of a PDF form, but omitting two of the four arithmetic operators, the most basic process for dealing with values/quantities, make no sense. Form Settings Reset After spending an exorbitant amount of time setting up all the currency fields in the test form I created, when I re-opened the file this morning, I was appalled to find out that all fields that should have had a currency format were plain number fields, as if I had done no further formatting beyond setting the fields as numbers. To add insult to injury, fields with calculations reset back to “Value is not calculated.” Where PDF forms are concerned, PDFelement 7 Pro is not ready for prime time. It is a good thing that I was simply testing out creating a PDF form and not actually developing a form that was to go live for co-workers, let alone any clients.

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