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Found 4 results

  1. I have a purchase copy of PDFElement PRO 7. Order Number: Q190724205730950039159 I have managed after many hours of searching to recover the registration code also (attached). However there is nowhere to add the registration code in the app to activate the product. Nor am I ever prompted to enter the code during registration even after uninstalling, restarting and re installing. Always a TRIAL version. So how can we fix this? ****> The OS is Win 10 version 1903. < *** I still have PDFElement PRO 6 installed and its operating OK. NOTE: I also previously sent this on an earlier PRO6 ticket number because I had seemingly no way to create a ticket until the registration is completed and active? So this is a duplicate support claim. I just found this forum. This is all very frustrating. Thank You Al V7 Registration.docx
  2. Michael R Guidry

    about to give up on wondershare

    I have bought two copies of PDFelement pro, one in April and another in June. There is a copy installed on each of my two laptops. The laptop I am using had a version upgraded to v. 7.xxx and had been registered so it showed my username in the upper right. Today I got an alert that an update was available. Against my better judgment, I let it upgrade. At the end, it wanted me to register the copy so I entered my login info. It accepted those, but then told me I had to deactivate one of my paid-for copies. I found the records of my purchases and tried to unsuccessfully to find somewhere on your site to verify them. it only seems to accept one. I have the paypal transaction receipts but there doesn't seem to be any way to email support to get this resolved. In the meantime, I have watermarks on my pdf.'s
  3. Michael R Guidry

    How to register PDF Element 7? Frustrated

    Bought 2 separate copies of PDF Element Pro 6, one a month or so ago, another last night for a new laptop. Got a notice this morning that V7 is out and I am entitled to a free upgrade. Downloaded and installed V7. Have killed over an hour trying to figure out how to register the new version. The "buy now" button shows. I tried creating an account and logging in, but that doesn't help. Both of my copies or V6 are registered and work fine. Searched for help on registration and all that comes up are instructions for V6. The instructions for V6 say there is a "register now" button in the upper right. Of course, my new version just offers a buy now button and a log in button. Logging in does nothing. Please help.
  4. nathalie a

    Fail to register

    I can not seem to register PDFelement6. I have used the download link in the e-mail (pdfelement6_setup_full3025). The message appears that I should have downloaden the Professional version (de registratie info die je hent ingevoerd is voor PDFelement 6 Professioneel versie, download a.u.b. PDFelement 6 Professioneel en opnieuw registreer.) + link I have also tried that (pdfelement6-pro_setup_full2990), it seems to pass one level of registration, but the watermark stays. Everytime I want to save the document I get the message that I need to buy the product (with both the standard and the pro version). I have tried to restart the pc, delete previous versions starting again, etc etc. Very frustrating! Please help, the work I needed to do today with your program is already lost .... Hope to hear back from you soon!!

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