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Found 1 result

  1. I recently purchased PDFelement Pro and have the latest version. I often scan to PDF as I use this to archive important documents. I was using Nitro Pro version 7.5 and it works perfectly with my two scanners. When I tried scanning with PDFelement I found that the scanned images were fuzzy using the default (built-in) interface to both my scanners. Therefore I tried selecting the box for "Use Scanner Interface". This does bring up my scanners' interfaces (one is a CanoScan 8800f flatbed scanner and the other is a newer Epson all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax) however after each page scanned, the interface closes and I am returned to the PDFelement rather than letting me determine if more pages are to be scanned. The worst is with my Epson because it has an automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning multiple pages. PDFelement only scans and returns the first page of the multipage document!!! This is a poor handling of scanning capability! The program (either with the native interface or with the scanner interface) should be able to work with an ADF! This is NOT a professional program without this ability! When I select the scanner interface, it should remain in that interface until I am done scanning as many pages as I like, and THEN when I choose to exit the interface, go back to PDFelement to create the PDF document. Without this capability, the program is NOT suited for professional use - as advertised. That's unfortunate as the rest of the program works fairly well - especially with editing existing PDFs. That was the main reason for me upgrading from Nitro Pro. As it stands, I am forced to use Nitro Pro for all my scanning needs. This is perhaps the greatest usage I have for this program! The only other thing I use it for is to print webpages to PDF for safe keeping. This is only about 20% of my use with 80% use is for scanning to PDF. I rarely use the conversion from Office programs to PDF and never use the conversion back to Office! I just have no need for this. Fix the broken scanning capability!

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