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Found 473 results

  1. Laboratório Sabin

    PDF Converter Pro Crashing when try to Convert OCR

    Hello, i'm having a problem with the PDF Converter Pro, i can't convert any file with the OCR option checked. When i try, the program close with no error, but if i uncheck the OCR option, then the file is converted. I already try in another PC but the problem remains. What can i do to solve this?
  2. Leon Curchack

    Hebrew Language

    I have version 6.2 of PDF Pro. It seems to be able to read Hebrew characters but it reverses the order. Is there a way to fix that?
  3. Hi, is there a way to convert MSG files to PDF including the attachments? I don't mind if the attachments are converted separately or merged with the email PDF but I want to be able to do this in the PDFelement application itself. I am hopeful since other products like the Muhimbi converter are capable of doing this. Thank you, M.T.
  4. Ant Bil


    Hi to all, I had download the PDFelement. It is a wonderfull software, very useful. I recommend it to everybody. Ant Bil
  5. Mickey12

    Convert PDF

    When I convert my pdf file to word, I get a picture file and can not edit. If I buy the OCR option will I be able to convert, edit and copy any PDF file?
  6. I am running Win 7 pro Outlook 2010 PDFelement When opening a pdf attachment from an Outlook email, the computer does not automatically make PDFelement the active window so that I can see the document. I believe it used to automatically switch the focus to PDFelement - anyone else experiencing this too? I don't see that this is a fix in the 6.7 update - I would find out but it is failing to completely download and install claiming I have no internet... although I am here on the internet writing this post.... Thanks in advance.
  7. mcdowell

    Convert PDF to word

    I have converted more than 4 files from PDF to Word, hit Finished, but there is nothing, no file is the Output folder .../Convert.
  8. Will PDFelement support high-resolution screen in near future? If I disable display scaling in compatibility setting, some icons and text will not be displayed. And if I enable it, everything becomes blurred. Any solution now? Window 10, 14 inch WQHD screen
  9. Nazem Minkara

    Convert PDF to Excel

    Dears, I just purchased the Professional version to convert PDF to Excel. When I used as a test, it converted 5 pages reasonably. However, the full version combined many fields together and made it hard to use the Excel features. I am attaching file for you to convert and check yourself. Also, I am attaching the test version out put for your info. The attached files are: - PDF TBTester to be converted - TBTester in Excel as a result of the Test version which I bought the product based upon it TBTesterFullVersion as the conversion result of the full version I bought (Professional). I urgently and really appreciate you help me resolve the issue Nazem Minkara TBTester.pdf TBTesterPRO.xlsx TBTesterFullVersion.xlsx
  10. User1234

    Scanner not listed

    Hi there, I just installed PDFelement Pro and tried to scan a document however no scanner is listed in the drop down for scanner. How do I add this option in?
  11. I have version 6.2.2 which installed with no problem. My Sophos Home Antivirus says version 6.3.2 contains malware. I know how to stop Sophos from blocking this, but why do I need to do it? Thanks
  12. I am in the process of evaluating a number of tools that perform OCR and allow extraction of data to Excel. PDFElement 6 Pro is one of the tools I am evaluating. I have installed the trial version of PDFElement 6.3 Pro on Windows Server 2012R2. I opened a sample PDF document and PDFElement detected it was an image-based PDF and suggested to use OCR. This then caused the automatic download and install of the OCR plugin which all seemed to go well. Once the OCR plugin was installed and I again chose to run the OCR process, the dialog popped up asking me to choose between Searchable Text Image and Editable Text. I have tried both options (although Searchable Text Image is preferred for my case) and the OCR process starts, showing the progress bar. However after a few seconds the process fails and displays the following error dialog; The OCR process has to be cancelled because of unexpected error How can I tell what the error is? Please note I do have several trial software packages installed that I have been evaluating for OCR and data extraction, but none of them are running besides PDFElement 6. Thanks, Kevin.
  13. Hi, Every time I close Wondershare it changes my default printer. The default printer it chooses depends on which printer I originally have on default. This happens every time I open and close Wondershare, no actions have to be done during my Wondershare session.
  14. Monika Schmitz-Celik

    Adobe Acrobat cannot read the elements pdf

    Hello, I have installed trial version of elements 6 and created a formular to be filled out. All worked well but now i wanted to try if others who have only adobe acrobat to read can fill out. But if I want to open by adobe acrobat there is an error message that the document has mistakes and only the text fields I have created are shown no text which even is available in that document. This is the message shown (see screenshot). You see the textfields (blue) but only the white paper around - no text. I even tried to print as pdf and then open. This worked but then the fields are not offered to be filled out then. I hope someone can help me. if that program doesent create files which can be opened by the normal acrobat reader this is nothing for me - sorry.
  15. HI on attempting to combine files in Ver 5.12.1 I keep getting the following error message: " File(s) Fails to be loaded" when either Drag and Drop OR "Add" on browse. It used to work before but now it does not. Any ideas?
  16. Heath


    Hi, Does anyone know how to add a UK English dictionary, rather than the standard US English Dictionary?
  17. I use your product open some pdf ,words and background-color not clear .and when I use google chrome open the same ,it looks very clear .so I upload a comparison by drag files.I think your product is very strong and this problem shouldn't appear.How do I deal with this problem?
  18. I'm testing the trial version of PDF Elements Standard version (I don't think we need all the bells & whistles in the Pro version). Your web materials say that the system should allow me to create a button that will email a completed form in the pdf format to an email address. I'm testing this before I purchase the software and invest a lot of time setting of the rest of the form fields. (It's a 4 page employment application.) I've tried the method shown on this page - And it's not working. I've also tried using the http://mailto:<email address> and that's not working either. What do I need to do to make this work? I would love to proceed with purchasing your software and getting this form on-line. Thank you for your help, Debra
  19. Dear, each time i want to crop, i have to change settings from imperial to metric! How can I set program to use only metrical measurements??
  20. Every time I install an update the .pdf default program changes back to M$'s Edge. I have to manually go into control panel to reset the default to PDFElement. My guess is you delete the program causing Win10 to change the default. Why can't you check what the default is and make sure it doesn't change during update, or ask what the user wants for default?
  21. I am unable to scan multiple pages from the sheet feeder on any of our multifunction printers. For example our Samsung CLX-3300 series scans a page stops and then ask if you want to scan another or quit. Our Brother MFC-L2740DW scans a page and then aborts the scan pulling the rest of the pages thru without scanning. These printers both work fine with Adobe Acrobat X and DC. Any ideas how to fix this issue? It also appears that the setting for the scanner being used are not being saved or used properly as it seems the scanner is also scanning in a slower color mode.
  22. txguy5199

    Send/Submit Button

    How do I input multiple emails for the submit button? Is there a tutorial addressing howto implement the button and limitations and options available besides the pop-up menu screen?
  23. I want to make my work paperless. How can I sign PDF with my own handwitten signature?
  24. Hi, I saved the document with watermark in trail version and i have been struggling to remove as per the instruction in your website after purchasing the software. Waste of time. I would like to get back my money. Thanks
  25. Desde la última actualización de pdfelement 6 pro (6.7.03414) el programa anula mi licencia, intente registrarme nuevamente y todo salia bien pero el programa nuevamente me anula la licencia.

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