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Found 17 results

  1. I updated my laptop to Windows 10 and it changed the register in the PC so now I can't use the Pro version. I have sent my request several times to support but don't seem to get any response. Would appreciate some help in getting the software back. It's a great program and I'm handicapped by not being able to use all of its functions. Please help. if you respond to my email, I can submit a copy of the receipt. Also, when I logon I can go to my account and see that I did purchase the PRO version. Thank you.
  2. Trevor Baker

    Customise the toolbar

    How do I customise the toolbar in the Windows version of pdfelement? I believe this functionality exists in the Mac version. In the Windows version, right-clicking anywhere in any toolbar does nothing.
  3. May

    Install new font

    Hi, I just purchased PDF element and start using it. It is very easy to use and I like it. I am wondering if it is possible to install a new font such as Meiryo. I am editting Japanese and it would be nice if I can install. I have this font on my Windows. Thanks for the help! May
  4. DivaCary

    Camera Feature

    In Adobe Acrobat, it was so easy to select Image Snapshot from the edit menu to capture a portion of a PDF as an image. I can't figure out how to do that here. I see references to the Camera feature but don't see it showing up. Do you need to have the Professional version to do that? I only have Standard
  5. Since last update opening certain files will freeze the window. The only way to get out is the task manager. This thing brings me nuts when I am in a hurry to open a file. Any other action on the PDF Element window is not working. I can only scroll the pages. See the attached image. The second bug, when I use in Chrome print PDF with PDF Element and PDF Element is not open it is just open the PDF Element but not create the PDF file. Have to print the file again and then it is working. Annoying bug.
  6. mejlvang

    Cross platform/device sync

    Hi! Problem case: I use your app on IOS to read an annotate my pdf files. I was pleased to see that I could arrange the pdf in folders and saw that I could connect a cloud solution. Why can't I sync my entire PDF Element as a google drive folder? This way I would be able to contuine my work on my windows laptop or read and annotate on my android phone.? Feature request: Make it possible to sync files across devices and platforms (maybe through google drive and other cloud solutions?) Sorry for putting this in the mac section. But you didn't have an IOS or across platform thread. Cross my fingers for getting an automatic sync function across my devices
  7. 1. How Do I move GROUPS of many (25-50, say) separate objects on one page as ONE block of groups, and keeping their spacial relationship to each other the same, and keeping their SIZE the same... Can't seem to do it no matter how I try. EXAMPLE: If I get a page, say a STATEMENT from my BANK, and it's too close to the margins top/bottom, but I don't want to shrink it to add more margin (SHRINKING -- ANOTHER PROBLEM BELOW -- adding margins all around), I just want to maybe cut out (via edit) some advertisement in the middle of the page (so as to delete it. and then move the 25 separate items (some boxes of text, some images) from the bottom of the page up higher, without moving them each ONE BY ONE... I should be able to select a GROUP of OBJECTS and MOVE IT. Or do I need to buy PDF Phantom for that? 2. How do I shrink a WHOLE PAGE full of objects all at once so as to add margins all around it, and do so WITHOUT PRINTING IT to a different .PDF and adding the margins/resize in the print dialog box -- doing it that way makes it FUZZY and locks in certain things I may want to edit later.
  8. Hi, I think there is a bug. When linking, entering anything for "Go to a page view" is not available (see attachment below). I think it is not intended, would be great if this gets fixed. Thanks a lot.
  9. Kimberly Camper0414@yahoo.com

    Rule Follower - Number of License

    I hope someone can help! My frustration level is at max. I love PDFElements and use it all the time and I am currently stuck. I have PDFElements Pro 6 installed on my laptop and desktop. It is my understanding that you can have it on two devices without a problem as long as they both are yours and your are the one using them. As of yesterday I am getting an error for too many licenses. I am very diligent about copy-write and piracy laws, I am one of those crazy tech people that really feel it is wrong, so I think that is way I am so stunned. I have gotten a few new computers in the past few years however, I have always uninstalled the software prior to putting it on the new computer. When I open PDFElements now it appears as if I am not logged in and it is not registered. Seeing this in the software, I log-in and register the software with my registration number. The software states I have successfully register the software and it appears to all be fine however, for only about a minute or two and then the error appears that I have too many registered licenses and it logs my out and states unregistered again. I have a major project in the works and now I am getting a WaterMark on all my pdf files that are through PDFElements. I am hoping someone can help from either the company or someone else has experienced this issue and knows what I am doing wrong. I am starting to panic and the only idea I have is purchasing another copy however that is another $90 that I can not afford and I purchased the software and followed all the rules. Thanks in advance for any help!!!! KIM
  10. homedesign@westnet.com.au


    Hi. I have purchased PDFelement 6 Professional and am still getting the "Register your software to remove trial watermark" error. I have re-started the program and the machine (Microsoft) but still get the same error.
  11. jmcollellmir

    problem at conversion from excel to PDF

    I have converted an Excel file to PDF, but a section on the right side is completely missing in PDF file. See result attached conversion problem.pdf
  12. I need to insert several verified signatures on several different pages of a 21 page PDF document. Is that possible and can you please give me instructions?
  13. Germán

    OCR only 1 page?

    There supports PDF element 6 professional the scanned one OCR of only a page of a file? In spite of marking only a page always it applies OCR to the whole file ¿soporta PDF element 6 professional el escaneado OCR de solo una pagina de un fichero? A pesar de marcar solo una página siempre aplica OCR a todo el fichero
  14. Jens Kristian

    Can't register

    Hi I can't register, when I put the email and key the pdfelement pro says “register success full”, and enters your home page and tells me “register success full” But the pdf editor is still trail version ☹ Regards Jens Kristian
  15. Randini

    Registration Code Invalid

    Just purchased and downloaded basic product. Registration code was on screen. Never received it in email. Tried to register product and will not work. wrm1949@sbcglobal.net
  16. I print documents of multiple sizes. Each individual size prints to a different printer, which holds media of exactly that size. So, on the print dialog page, I use the "Printer" dropdown to select the printer each time I print a document. However, the "Page Size" dropdown on the print dialog page doesn't preserve the page size setting that I always use for each printer. It doesn't even default to the currently-specified page size of that printer, which I've previously done in each printer's "Print Preferences" menu in Windows. Is there any way to specify the default page size for each printer in PDF Element?
  17. PDFelement

    The More You Know: Insert Images

     How can I insert images into my PDF file? What do the “extract”, “replace”, “align”, and “distribute” functions do? PDFelement has many minor features that are meant to support the larger editing and form tools, but are often left unknown and unused. Stay tuned for more of our “The More You Know” series to explore these useful sidekicks! Have you ever converted a report into a PDF then realize that you forgot to put in a chart on page 8 and an image on page 16? Or maybe your colleague realized that they sent you the wrong image to use and you need to do a minor (but frustrating edit). Instead of reformatting the whole Word document, and then exporting it as PDF all over again, simply open up your new PDF document in PDFelement and insert your images! Today I will be showing you the nitty-gritty details to our insert image tool. There are a few differences on both our Mac and Windowssoftwares, so I will be showing the process on both. Mac   As you can see, I had left a blank space in my document for an image. To begin, simply select the “Edit” tab, and then “Add image”. A window will appear, and you will be able to pick the image you would like to add. Of course, if you are in a situation where you realized that you need an image but didn’t leave quite enough room for one, you can move the blocks of text around in an attractive and clean manner to make space for your picture. You are also able to crop and resize the image you import, so don’t sweat it if the space you have is not a perfect fit at first glance. After the image has been added, there are multiple options on theright hand side to help ensure that your image fits well into the rest of your document.  You can do basic placement and editing to the image, including flipping, cropping, resizing, and transforming. You are even able to rotate the image precisely by spinning the dial directly beneath the transformation icons. If you’ve selected the wrong image by accident, you can select the image, then click the “replace” icon to choose the image you initially wanted. Extraction You can also select an image, and “extract” it to your computer. This is especially useful if you want to save an image from a file that is not yours. This way, you won’t have toscreen shot and crop to keep the images you want from PDF files. You’ll notice that you’re usually unable to directly right click and save the images on PDFs, but in PDF solution software such as PDFelement, the software recognizes the images and will break the document into different editable chunks.  You can also extract all the images that the software can read with the “extract all” function. The preview shows what the software identifies as the image. In this particular instance, that whole page without the text is considered one image otc viagra. You can play around with the OCR. I found that in this page’s particular case, the images were accurately separated before OCR and made for perfect extraction  After you select “extract all”, the images will be saved into a folder. Once you click in, you will find that the images have been separated into the pages they were extracted from. Windows  The process is more or less the same on Windows, it’s just that the layout looks different. Here, the “replace” icon is the one on the far right (looks like a picture). To rotate an object precisely, you can grab the green dot (shown on the highest placed image) and rotate as you desire. There is no option to “extract” images on the Windows software. Instead, there are two other options: align and distribute. Align This is useful when there are multiple images or blocks of text you want to line up. The first image shows the multiple objects I am trying to align. After you select everything (control), you can align in multiple different directions. The second image is “align left”, and as you can see, it’ll align everything to the edge that was on the most left. Similarly, to “align top”, everything will line up with the edge that was the highest. You can also utilize the “center” options to align individual or multiple objects to the center of the page horizontally, vertically, or both. Distribute  Distribution only works with 3 or more objects. You will notice that the icon will only become usable when over 3 objects have been selected. This option is useful if you want to make sure that the items are equally spaced out horizontally or vertically; the object in the middle will move right/left or up/down to make sure that it is in the center of the other two objects. Check out our video on inserting images on Windows! There you have it! You are now a pro at inserting images into your document to make things look nice, as well as extracting images for future use. Share or like this blog post if you found it useful! Drop us a note below if there are specific tools you would like tutorials of.
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