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Found 7 results

  1. I created a document in word with radio buttons, but they do not work in PDF Element 9 Professional. I am using the windows version, and tried both Form Control Radio Buttons and Active X Radio Buttons In addition the ComboBox does not work either TestForm4.pdf TestForm4.docm
  2. I converted a Microsoft Word document that went from 26 kb to 12.4 MB. Modification after were to add check boxes and text fields How do I correct this
  3. VickiP

    Help, thanks

    Just downloaded wondershare to convert files to pdf. I can only figure out how to convert pdf's back. What am I missing?
  4. Hi, I have purchased the wondershare PDF element 6 pro for mac and am struggling with the OCR feature for scanned documents. When I use it with my document, the format goes crazy and the output becomes unusable or it would take me hours to adjust it. Can you please assist? I join both documents to this message. Thanks! Ca IRPF 2013 CATHERINE.pdf IRPF 2013 CATHERINE.docx
  5. JHin Leeds

    Problems converting WORED docs

    I want to create a pdf from a WORD file. When I try to open a file, all my WORD files are greyed out. pdfs are OK but not .docx files. I can't load the file. I've also tried dropping a file onto the pdf element icon in the dock (as per the manual) but nothing happens. I've tried reinstalling but that made no difference. The product is paid for and registered ... but I want my money back - or I want it working ... soon. I've wasted several hours on this already - and my time costs me money.
  6. Imagine this: You have a long report. We’re talking hundreds of pages long. Do you want to have to scroll all the way down to chapter 30 manually? Or would you prefer an interactive table of contents that links you directly to different sections of the document in just one click? In this week’s PDFelement tutorial, we’ll go over how to create a table of contents for your PDF files, whether it be a portfolio or e-book! First, you’ll need a table of contents page. If you don’t already have one, you can create one in PDFelement under File -> New -> Blank. You can type up your content and adjust the formatting. Make sure to include page numbers that correspond to the pages in your document. Personally, I find it easier and quicker to create my table of contents in Microsoft Word and then export the file as a PDF. I find that Word has a wide variety of formatting tools more suited to creating a nicely aligned table of contents. There are also templates available to make the whole process go by even more quickly! Once you are finished with your table of contents, open the PDF file in which you would like to include your table of contents. Head over to the “page” menu. Add the table of contents page that you just created by selecting “Insert." Choose the option “From PDF” from the drop-down menu. Next, you’ll need to link the page numbers to their target pages. Under the “edit” menu, select the “link” tool. Draw a box around the page number. A pop-up should appear once you finish your box. Make sure to choose “go to a page view.” Hit “set link”. Then, scroll to the page that the link should lead to and click “confirm”. Use the same method to link the rest of the page numbers. And that’s it. This is how you set up your interactive table of contents in PDFelement! Note that this tutorial was shown through the Mac version of the software, but the Windows version has the same steps for creating a table of contents. Any questions or tutorial requests? Comment below! We also have an online forum where you can get your PDFelement questions answered. See you there!
  7. Mitch zahler

    Only Specific Pages from PFD to Word

    Is there a way to choose sequential pages to convert to Word without converting the entire PDF ? I have a 3000 page PDF which seems to die in the middle of conversion and I wanted to take the 1st 100 Pages and the last 200 pages and convert them to Word Thanks
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