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Rebecca Chen

PDFelement Rewards Program

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Our PE Rewards Program (PERP) is designed to reward active members who consistently contribute valuable content to the PDFelement Community Forum. After all, our forum would not be the same without you!  


How do I become a Community Leader?   

Every post that you make results in 1 increase in Rank

  • This means that every time you start a new thread, thank someone for their time, or answer other questions, your Rank increases by 1.

Every "like" that you receive results in 1 increase in Reputation

  • This means that every time someone clicks the "like" button on a comment/post you made, your Reputation increases by 1.

Please refrain from spamming comments. Points and/or comments will be removed at the moderators' discretion. 


What are the levels of Reputation?


1) Poker-Face [0]

2) Low-key [1-5]

3) Helpful [6-20]


4) Reliable [21-45]

5) Credible [46-80]

6) Perspicuous [81-110]

7) Elite [111-150] 


What are the Ranks?


1) Lurker [0-10]

2) Acquaintance [11-25]

3) Rookie [26-45]

4) Regular [46-70]


5) Geek [71-100]

6) Addict [101-140]

7) Master [141-190]


Rewards and Recognition

To show that we appreciate your participation, PDFelement recognizes its community participants through a rewards program. To reach a new prize tier, you must achieve a specific ranking and reputation points. 


Tier 1: $5 Starbucks Gift Card  

  • Achieve Helpful Rookie (6 Reputation | 26 Ranking)

Tier 2: $50 Wondershare Credits 

  • Achieve Reliable Regular (21 Reputation | 46 Ranking)

Tier 3: Free copy of any Wondershare software

  • Achieve Credible Geek (46 Reputation | 71 Ranking)

More prizes to be announced...


Redeem your Rewards

Once you are eligible to redeem your reward, please send an email to PErewards@wondershare.com with the following information:

  1. Name (First and Last).
  2. Username in Community.
  3. Which tier you are redeeming. If there is a choice in prize, please state which option you would like.

Upon submission, please allow 2-3 business days for your rewards application to be reviewed. You are welcome to direct any other questions about the PE Rewards Program to community@pdfelement.io.

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