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Bjorn Dyb

How to reduce size of PDFelement, using less screen space

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Macbook Pro (Mojave). Have also external monitor 27´´ (although this is not really relevant). I have installed ShiftIt also, so I can resize windows to fit my needs. This of course to have those windows I need open simultaneously. I am used to PC, using Nitro Pro, which is like in a different galaxy than the combo Mac/pdfelement, I´m however sadly stuck with this Mac and pdfelement solution - for the time being.

There are a huge amount of faults and bad solutions in this product, take a look at Nitro Pro to learn how it should have been, but one thing annoys really a lot. I find no way to resize the window the program is taking up on the screen. The program occupies like 60% of the 27´´monitor space, and like 85% of the Mac Pro monitor space, and it seems not possible to deduce the window size below a certain limit. So again, I can drag the window size bigger, but not smaller than a certain limit. Using shifIt also doesn´t work, on pdfelements (works on all other applications).

So again, just to be sure I get not totally wild answers on this, when I zoom a document to like 100%, the pdfelements application window takes up like 60% of my monitor space, and there are huge gray spaces on each side of the actual pdf document. This gray useless area occupies approximately as much space of the monitor-space, as the pdf document itself!

SO, how to resize the pdfelement application window, to a smaller size, so that I can use my monitor also for other applications, like LibreOffice for example ( I want read a pdf document/report to the far left, while writing another document commenting on the pdf-report). I mean, I am not surprised if this is just another example of faults in this program (and yes, I´m used to better..), but I mean, this can not be possible... I have however looked and searched, but I do not find out how!

BTW, when the application is in full screen mode, it blocks the Dock... and there are like so many things I could have mentions, but since I sadly enough have bought this product, unbelievable what mac-users seems to be used to, I need you to at least show me how to resize the window smaller than currently possible. With this bug, the product is really useless. I hope you have just hidden the obvious way to do this.

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