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Extracting Data From A Single Multi-Page PDF

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Below I've included an example of what I'm trying to extract. Part of my work includes data and research. The problem is, I get files like this with irregularly placed information that has to be manually keyed into a spreadsheet. It is not a standard form. And sometimes people scan the pages and send them. Either way, they look similar to what I've included. Obviously, the PDF Element can allow me to mark what pieces and parts I would like to extract using their "data extraction" tool.

The problem is, each pdf can have a few dozen pages or a few thousand. I don't want just the information on the first page I've marked up. It is EASIER for me to run one pdf file with multiple pages than to break it up into individual pages. One file, multiple pages in a file. 

1. I get the pdf and in the PDF Element I delete the pages (ads, other needless information) I do not need and only keep the ones I do. They essentially look like the image I've included with the information I need highlighted.

2. In the data extraction tool, I highlight all of the pieces I need and rename the fields so they will extract into their own respective field on a spreadsheet. 

3. Here is where I encounter my problem. The PDF Element doesn't seem to cycle through all of the pages in the one pdf file I have uploaded when it runs the extraction. It will only successfully run the 1st page and give me results. I don't want to add pages, I want the PDF element to cycle through the rest of the pages in the same pdf I marked up.

While the results are generating the information I want, I'm only getting one result. I need this information to generate off ALL of the pages within the same pdf. I need an option to have it run all of them. I don't want to have to break them down. It would take me hours to break down 1,000 page pdf, for example. I just want the info at the top of each page, as I've highlighted in my example, and to run ONE pdf regardless of how many pages are in it. Then I need that information to render into one complete spreadsheet. Currently, I'm testing a 42 page document. According to the PDF Element guide the pro version of this allows for unlimited pages.

I would assume I'm not the only one who has tried to do this. One file is easier for me to keep up with. Breaking it into individual pages would be a pain in my a--. If I can't run the pages as a whole, I might as well key the information myself and request a refund because this is worthless to me. I'm trying to save myself a few hours not add more work to it by breaking up a pdf into individual pages just to run it. 

I need to know HOW I go about running my selected fields on ALL of the pages in ONE pdf (not several separate ones) and getting them ALL to export into a spreadsheet.

Thank You 

info to extract example.png

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