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Katie Perez

Pdfelement edited pdf file won't print footer using other pdf sofware

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Pdfelement edited pdf file won't print footer when opened using other pdf software. I have added footer to different pdfs and saved them and as long as I open them in pdfelement the footer shows on and prints but if I open them on mac pdf preview, pdf professional, pdf genius, footer doesn't show on the screen and neither prints or shows on the screen and doesn't print. I am using a mac with os 10.13.6, paid version of pdfelement pro 6 with the latest update version (20190116) you have in the mac appstore. I am attaching a 2 pager pdf sample file with footer added and also I am attaching image of 3 pages printed one with pdflement, one with mac pdf preview and one with pdf professional so you can see the error/issue. features of adding footer and password protect are key for my work with this/your software. I would appreciate prompt response to this post for I am behind on finishing work and If this cannot be fix I would like to get a refund. thanks

Also: saving document doesn't actually save changes after I change pages order, it lets me move them around, click on save but when I open the file changes are not there.

note: this is a third attempt reaching out to you requesting help on this. I have looked in this forum for answers, I have uninstalled and reinstalled pdfelement, uninstalled and reinstalled adobe reader... I looked elsewhere for answers on the internet with no luck. As I said before I would liked your help as soon as possible or get a refund. I need to move on.



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