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Hype for the 7 everyone.

the application interfaces become much more cooler. unless the fact that I still can't do what I need the most, the screenshot thingy...

the problem still had the same with the 6 Pro. whenever we start click for the screenshot (camera icon), the PDF start minimized itself and I can't do a screenshot, its also happened even if I used my TNT screenshot application.

the second thing I usually do is sharing my working file with my team, using Google Drive. when I click on the share Menu -> share to google drive the application just crash.

in the 6 Pro, this is not supposed to be crash and working well. the 7 Pro, the apps actually read if there is an email account login, its show my gmail, but instead of showing it in email or gdrive menu, its displayed in the form crash report.

my last concern is about the header. I always use it in the PDF edit, not in my word file. when I type my text it's fine, and really good I guess, but when I bold to one word that I need it to be bold that one word become to thick and almost can't be read.

everything else seems works flawless for me, I even edited one of my project in 7 for awhile. the optimized PDF is best, my 30Mb became 11Mb.

it's all problem that I found, and also I need the screenshot menu to be fixed ASAP, because now I am back to used my Foxit just want to screenshot a part of my PDF that I need to get and post It somewhere else.


Thanks you for the Beta Test opportunity.

Best Regards,



PDF Element 7 bugged.bmp

PDF Element 7 bugged 2.bmp

PDF Element Quotation 10 users Mr Heidi.pdf

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I come to PDFElement7 from PDFExpert for Mac.

First impressions of 7 are positive - it looks like a powerful package but less simple and less intuitive than PDFExpert.

It may well simply be a learning curve but there are things like adding notes and annotations that seem far less simple - I’ve still not worked out how it is done.

Bookmarking; in PDFEXPERT I liked being able to click in the corner of the page and it automatically placed the bookmark allowing you to then type in the title. It seems that there are 2 ways to bookmark in PDFELEMENT 7 - using the add bookmark in the bookmark menu on the left or from the top menu bar. It would be easier and quicker - especially with touchscreen and Surface pen - if you were also able to tap the top corner of the page (where you would intuitively drop a bookmark).

I’ve also noted that the user guide goes to a 404 page (which I accept might be because we are in beta).

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20MAY2019 @ 2044


**** Again, I opened the SAME pdf file that was tested in the OCR attempt. This will keep the testing for the entire beta testing of this program to see if any discrepancies are consistent. I will address whenever I use a unaltered copy of that pdf file and create a new pdf file for when the time comes.

pdfpro7_FULL opened up the file with ease and within seconds.

**** NOTE: *****
This file in particular had previously been edited by another program and it identified the highlight boxes, freehand highlights, and any other edits made by another program I have used.

*** Elements allowed me to click on the annotations made by that other program. This allowed me to edit the size, text, and delete the annotations altogether if need be. Right-clicking on that annotation ---> Properties, will then open a pane on the right side and allow you to make adjustments as well as see the date of those annotations were made.


**** Adding TEXT feature: feature has LAG/LATENCY and the box will not allow for further typing when maxing out the current box size for text.

For Example:
default box opens when clicked on area you want to add text. You type to add text, you begin to fill up the current text box, the text will then stop. Until you open further the box will allow the adding of text to continue and it show up as you type.



**** Feature useful for cutting off excess of unwanted area(s)

**** It would help those of us that may take pictures from our phones that may come out crooked or skewed to be able to have more flexibility in cropping.

For Example:
Other programs I have used will allow you to move independently each of the four corners and when confirmed adjustment the algorithm will adjust and compile the image to cut out any unwanted areas as well as correct any defects of image distortion.

This will help immensely when creating pdfs in a straight and efficient manner if the end-user decides they want to retain some of the original content.


**** This is an AWESOME feature!! That's all I have to say 🙂


**** I chose 2 files to combine.... unfortunately the program became UNRESPONSIVE.

2nd Attempt was performed and elements was able to combine the 2 pdf files I have chosen.



**** This feature when done and choose the area to select to save the snapshot, it will save it through. Whenever you open the file of the snapshot, some of the content is cut off no matter what format you choose.




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