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21MAY2019 @ 1040-1107


1. UNINSTALLED prior version without the OCR embedded
2. DOWNLOADED & REINSTALLED updated version with OCR embedded

3. Install alerted my defender (program might not have been signed by wondershare) showing it is unrecognizable and may be a threat.

4. After done installing, flicker "blue screen" and loss of desktop occurred again. (Please see my previous other post regarding this issue)


1. Opened same pdf to test OCR.
2. OCR taken some time due to large file (15.4MB).
3. After several moments, the program became, "Not Responding.."
4. Waited several additional minutes to see if it will fix itself... = 0 null. Program will be terminated and restarted to test same file with OCR.
5. Restarted program, same result as #4

6. Restarted program and performed with different file with selection of "Searchable Text".
    "OCR failed due to unexpected error"  

   Ended process and restarted with selection of "Editable Text" under OCR.

7. Process too several moments, same result at #6.

8. Performed same test with different file of same category/type and OCR performed as it should.

9. OCR is performing inconsistently with previously made pdf files.

Images of errors are posted below this test report.











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Hi Uyen,

Thank you so much for your detailed steps about the OCR feature, we highly appreciated that. I will issue this our programmer to have a further check on OCR, and will let is more stable and swift.

Thank you again.

Have a nice day,


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