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OCR only work on saved (screen captured) documment

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Doing OCR on screen captured parts (without saving as a file) results in blank page (conversion failed?). Whereas saving screen captured parts, followed by OCR process, gets desired text conversion.


1. Open a pdf document, go to [Home], use [Capture a specific part of the document] to select a paragraph


2. Go to [File] and create a new document (here is untitled-2.pdf), leave other setting default value. Click [Blank] to create Untitled-2.pdf.

3. Right click empty area and choose [Paste], to paste the captured area.


4. Go to [Convert], and choose [OCR].


5. Wondershare PDFelement prompted out message box, ask user whether to save changes before performing OCR. Here I choose [NO] to perform OCR without file saving.


6. An OCR Message box prompt out. leave the setting default. click [OK].


7. After conversion, a new tab "Untitled-2_OCR" was created, with blank page. (OCR was not done properly)


8. Go back to "Untitled-2" tab, save the file as "haha.pdf". 


9. Redo the OCR process. go to [Convert] and click [OCR], on the OCR window, leave the setting default value, and click [OK]


10. After conversion, a new tab "haha_OCR" was created, with OCR converted paragraph. (OCR was success)



PDFelement version : V7.0.0.4222

Operating system : Win 10 Pro


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